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Kreatif Architecture was founded in Istanbul by architect Aydan Volkan, architect Selim Cengic and civil engineer Mehmet Cengic. Since its foundation in 1995, it has built many qualified national and international projects in the architectural, architectural and interior architectural scale.

Kreatif Architecture, which considers city planning, architecture, interior architecture, landscaping, lighting and related engineering sciences as a whole in all the projects it has completed, has been working on the design of the best architectural quality with design coordination between different disciplines, strict budget and work schedule control and is based on the principles of provision. Kreatif Architecture focuses on odaklan timeless eler architecture which takes away user satisfaction from temporary trends and design trends.

Kreatif Architecture, which aims to design high efficiency, healthy and functional buildings with a positive effect on people and the environment, considers primarily the objectives of the employer and the demanded and future demand programs for each project and combines this information with the environmental conditions and the role of the project in the environment. . Office managers and project leaders work together at all stages of the project from the preliminary concept to planning, construction and completion. Kreatif Architecture, which chooses to find the best solutions required by the job with a common mind by developing a non-hierarchical relationship with its employers and consultants, believes that successful projects are enriched with team work and gives importance to this richness in all design phases.

Kreatif Architecture has successfully completed more than five million square meters of office, health, education, tourism, commercial and residential projects with its experienced team and its consultants in different disciplines. Kreatif Architecture, which specializes in accommodation and office buildings as well as health and education complexes, also undertakes architecture and interior architecture projects in fit-out, industrial buildings, mixed-use or individual housing projects and commercial buildings.

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Kreatif Mimarlik

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Haci Adil Street, Asma Street, No: 1, 1. Levent, 34330, Besiktas, Istanbul