Ofist was founded in 2004 by interior architects and designers, Yasemin Arpac and Sabahattin Emir in Istanbul.  The partners focuse on creating designs with the responsibility and awareness of being a part of a city, which still embodies the profound traces of different cultures who inhabited this metropolis over many centuries still evident on its streets, squares, buildings and citizens.

The whole process that encompasses the period from defining the problem (need), until the end of the physical life of the emerging product (environment/space), in which the designer, realizing being an important element, believes that they are just one part of it.

Trying to generate solutions with the strong concentration on the time period and environment that the project resides upon, Ofist is practicing different projects from different sectors; social and commercial projects like cafes, restaurants, bars, shops,  showrooms, offices, fair stands, cinema and hotel projects as well as residential projects and product design.



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