Steinberg // Fisher is founded by Chen and Ayelet. Chen – an architect with a bachelor’s degree in Communications, and Ayelet –a bachelor’s degree in Law and a master’s degree in Business Administration who has decided a few years ago to change the black and white world of law and business with the colorful world of design.

They chose to focus their work on early childhood education, children and youth in all its aspects. They believe that a learning environment, just like any other environment for children, should be pleasant and inviting, fun and full of possibilities, so that every girl and boy can choose the place and the way they want to learn or play. It is important to them to design an environment that will strengthen children’s motivation, enjoyment, creativity and independence.

Their design concept is that architecture and interior design should be abstract, dynamic and accessible, so that children can use the space in different ways each time. The space should allow them to use their imagination and be who they wish to be, where they want to be. Children are curious and imaginative by nature and this concept is forefront in their minds in every space they design, and with it the need to develop these qualities.

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Steinberg // Fisher


26 Haneviim St., Tel Aviv