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Parparim Early Childhood Center, Israel

Tel Aviv , Israel

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Open concept complex for parents and toddlers to use their imagination to explore and develop during play. A Tel Aviv Municipality complex located at “Namal” Tel Aviv covering 400 square meters. The complex is designed to be a 2nd home for parents and toddlers (mainly aged 0-3), a place of development for both child and parent that allows for quality time that will strengthen the connection between parents and their children.

The design concept in the complex was to create, first and foremost, a fun and happy environment, an environment that will arouse creativity in children and parents and allow imagination to run wild. The furniture they designed are functional, but more importantly – they are the element of the game itself. Steinberg//Fisher decided to create a space where there are abstract elements, soft and rounded, that can be something different at each glance – a slide, a ship or even a theater. Curiosity is in the nature of each child and they believe that this feature needs to be further developed, so in every space they design, they place great emphasis on it. Children can move freely in this complex, use it differently each time, explore, develop and learn while playing.

There are a number of areas in the complex: an interior space that includes a foyer and library, a studio area for activities and classes, a playroom with a darkroom and an outdoor area. The interior design is characterized by soft and rounded lines while the exterior is characterized by a coarser character. Wood and touches of paint are widely used in both areas.

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June, 2021

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