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Verona, Italy


Studio Apostoli is an atelier of Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering, and Product Design that has as its primary “Mission” to design with the concept of Wellness at the core of every project.

Studio Apostoli is an Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering and Product Design atelier whose “Mission” is the application of the concept of Wellness to all the works designed.

In over twenty years, Studio Apostoli has created hundreds of projects in almost all continents, obtaining numerous international recognitions , prizes and hundreds of publications.

Aware of how the quality of life depends on the quality of the spaces in which we live, work or entertain ourselves, Studio Apostoli deepens the culture of Wellbeing with creativity and competence in all the areas in which it operates: SPAs, Hotels, Homes, Shops, Offices, Objects .

In spa design , in particular, he is recognized as an international leader contributing not only through iconic works but also with the creation of innovative products, research, dissemination and training activities.

Furthermore, the studio often integrates consultancy services into the design that are useful for accompanying its clients in strategic management, positioning and communication choices.

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Verona, Italy

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Studio Apostoli


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