Yerce Art Photography

Yerce Art Studio which was established by Emin Emrah Yerce in 2000, mainly focusing on advertisement photography, classical studio photography (portrait, marriage, kids etc.) and also on professional capturing of performing arts. In addition to that, there is an exhibition space in the new studio of Yerce Art which renovated in 2014.

Emin Emrah Yerce started his grandfather’s profession photography, by taking snapshots in the 80′s when he was a kid. This journey transformed into an intellectual dimension in 1994 when he began his higher education at 9 Eylul University Fine Art Academy Photography department. He graduated successfully in 1999 with his graduate thesis named “Işıktan Önce, Işıktan Sonra” (“Before the Light, After the Light”). He started Yerce Art Studio in 2000 while he has been working on his projects as a freelance photographer. Between 2003-2013 he had delivered lectures on advertisement photography at 9 Eylul University and Izmir Economy University, while he has been keeping on his photography career. He has done many photography and design projects for national and international brands. He still works on his projects at YERCE ART STUDIO.



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