All your questions answered!

What is Love That Design?

Love That Design is a publication platform for interior design projects, but it is also so much more! An extension of the platform, Love That Design Community is a central design directory. We feature information/data about projects on our website, and interlink it with its stakeholders’ pages i.e., the products and companies who have worked on it. This makes it easier for you to get these details instantly without having to bounce from website to website, thereby seamlessly connecting end users with potential customers.

Is Love That Design a design firm as well?

As much as we love design, we are NOT a design firm and do not undertake any design or fit-out projects. However, if you need to find an interior designer, please make use of our resource Shortlisting Tool to filter interior designers by genre and other parameters. 

What type of projects are featured on Love That Design?

Through our submissions, we feature interior projects from all genres. (Hospitality, Education, Commercial, Healthcare, Retail, Residential & Cultural). We also feature architectural projects, given they have a good number of interior shots as well.

Is Love That Design a website focused only on the Middle East?

No. Although we are based in the Middle East, our reach is global! We feature design projects from all over the world.

How to get featured on Love That Design?

It’s pretty simple to be featured. Simply send us your project via this link

You can be a:

  • Design Firm
  • Client
  • Contractor

To avail visibility beyond project features, such as having articles written about your design firm or brand, you can become a Community member. Learn more here. 

Then, where does the information on products and brands come from on Love That Design?

Love That Design has 100+ international Brand Partners that give us product specifications and other related information first-hand. 

Can I submit an article for Love That Design?

As long as it is industry-related, you can! Please send your copies at [email protected]. Our Editorial team will reach out to you, if your pitch matches our vision for the website. No articles will be published without informing the author beforehand.

But why should someone want to be featured on Love That Design?

Love That Design is a fast-growing platform that has a niche audience of designers, suppliers and other industry professionals. Being featured on our platform means being on the radar of the consumers directly. Our targeted bi-weekly newsletters, approach of interlinking products with projects and social media reach of 70K+ profiles makes sure end consumers and designers stay connected and updated.

Can I list my Architecture & Design event? Or collaborate in a media partnership with Love That Design?

Yes, and yes. Please reach out to our Marketing team at [email protected] 

Who validates the project information?

All the projects are verified and validated by Love That Design’s research team.

If a particular product catches my attention or otherwise, how do I contact companies/brands?

You can directly contact companies by filling out the information request form or by using the button located to the right of the photo gallery on the page.

How long does it take for my project to be published on Love That Design?

Minimum after two weeks of the submission, since we have a thorough, three-step screening process: 

  1. An internal review to check for all required details. In case of missing details, we will reach out to relevant stakeholders for them 
  2. Verification with all stakeholders who are mentioned in the submission. 
  3. Only on completion of the above, will the submissions be published on Love That Design, and on each stakeholder’s profile page on the website. 

Kindly note: We firmly believe that ‘pictures speak a thousand words’, hence, the most important part of your submission is high-quality, well-shot images. All the details could be submitted as required, but if the images are lacking, the project shall not be published on the website.

I am a PR firm, who do I reach out to at LTD for a collaboration or sharing the news of my clients? And when will the news be published online?

For collaboration, please write to: [email protected]. For news, share on: [email protected]. The news will be published from anywhere between 3 days to a week, after it has been shared.

How do I receive updates about Love That Design’s projects and articles?

For bi-weekly updates, you can subscribe to our newsletter here. If you wish to remain at the top of industry trends and news, follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn for daily updates.

Apart from getting projects, events and articles featured, is there anything else that can be done on the platform?

You can save projects and products that interest you for later by adding to your board. These boards can also be shared with your colleagues or friends. Learn more about LTD Boards here!