Acoulite And Moodsonic Collaborate To Create Multisensory Workplace Designed To Improve Wellbeing And Performance

Lighting and acoustics specialists Acoulite have partnered with Moodsonic to bring the scientifically-designed sounds of nature into their Dubai workplace in a new showcase open to industry professionals

Noise is the number one complaint in most shared buildings like workplaces and healthcare environments. Some spaces are too loud, while others are too quiet. Whatever the problem, the sound of most buildings isn’t healthy or productive.

Soundscaping is the act of bringing designed sound into buildings for purposes of improving people’s health and supporting different activities. Research shows that the sounds of nature, which people are often deprived of in urban environments, can benefit wellbeing and improve people’s focus, problem-solving, collaboration and restoration. Moodsonic’s technology enables these natural sounds to be brought indoors zonally to create different sensory experiences. It uses generative technology to ensure the sounds don’t repeat, with sensors that allow the audio to adapt automatically to changing environments.

“With Moodsonic’s technology we can create interiors where sight and sound are aligned. In the Dubai showcase, for instance, we pair circadian soundscapes with circadian lighting to optimize the wellbeing benefits,” said Ben Spargo, Acoustics Director at Acoulite.

“Soundscapes help make buildings more comfortable and inviting, and from an experiential-perspective really take interiors to the next level,” said Evan Benway, Managing Director at Moodsonic. “This new showcase gives practitioners in the UAE the opportunity to experience that firsthand.”

Visitors to the showcase, located in Dubai’s Business Bay, can learn about the science of sound, tour the workplace and hear live demonstrations of the technology. To book a visit, contact Acoulite.

About Acoulite
In 2005, Acoulite opened its doors in Dubai. Offering turnkey and bespoke lighting and acoustic solutions to its clients throughout the Gulf, it has built an extensive portfolio to date. Having rapidly expanded, it now boasts offices in Qatar, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and Kuala Lumpur along with an international network of distribution specialists. Acoulite prides itself on delivering functional yet eco-conscious lighting solutions as well as acoustic products.

About Moodsonic
Moodsonic harnesses the power of sound to improve people’s experiences in the built environment. The company uses science and technology to deliver responsive soundscapes that measurably improve productivity, wellbeing and engagement for some of the world’s largest organizations.