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Al Bwardy Building - Acoulite Trading - 4/F
United Arab Emirates



Acoulite is a unique lighting and acoustics solutions company. Established in Dubai in 2005, their operations extend to Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Kuala Lumpur. Today, Acoulite employs over 50 professionals who manage their operations. They have a dedicated team of designers, engineers, technicians and project managers, who have a proven track record of delivering the best lighting design and acoustic solutions from concept to completion. Their process is detailed, but simple. They begin with a concept design, working with architects and interior designers to produce functional and aesthetically pleasing lighting and acoustic solutions. Then present a schematic design, consisting of layouts, technical information, calculations, value-engineered designs, product data sheets, BOQs and quotations. Finally,  provide a highly-detailed design, including comprehensive technical specifications and documents for tender projects. They complete this stage with their supply and support team for the project. They are a green company, developing energy-efficient lighting design solutions, whilst taking into consideration daylight factors and lighting systems with intelligent controls. Contact Details: Email ID: [email protected] Phone number: +971 4 359 2184

Team members:

Sales Director

Steve Jardine

Steve Jardine is a Sales Director at Acoulite.

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Managing Director

Terry Woodley

Terry Woodley is a Managing Director at Acoulite.

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Marketing Executive

Sarah Ahmad

Sarah Ahmad is a Marketing Executive at Acoulite.

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Acoustics Director

Ben Spargo

Ben Spargo is an Acoustics Director at Acoulite.

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Business Development Manager

Lee Vincent

Lee Vincent is a Business Development Manager at Acoulite.

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Senior Lighting Account Manager

Jonathan Brown

Jonathan Brown is a Senior Lighting Account Manager at Acoulite.

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Account Director

Jonathan Houghton

Jonathan Houghton is an Accounts Director at Acoulite.

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Acoustic Support Engineer

Leon Salazar

Leon Salazar is an Acoustics Support Engineer at Acoulite.

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Senior Specifications Manager

Muthu Kumaran

Muthu Kumaran is a Senior Specification Manager at Acoulite.

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Design & Specifications Manager

Jay Gigantoca

Jay Gigantoca is a Design & Specifications Manager at Acoulite.

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