Surge 2022 Winners Announced

Following days of nail-biting live-voting on Love That Design, and some (read: a lot of) contemplation from the judges, nine design firms took home coveted Surge Awards after a lively gala. Take a look at those who emerged victorious….


Another year, another buzzing Surge Gala, another dazzling gathering at The Address Dubai Marina. With a banquet filled with designers, manufacturers and the many friends, volunteers and well wishers of the organisation, Surge’s Design, Dine, Make a Difference Gala was carried out with great pomp and even greater participation. Each year, the team at Surge organises a competition for the design community to come together and raise funds to bring safe water to those in dire need.

This year’s theme, Heritage – called for designers to create pieces that paid homage to an ancient art or architectural form. Putting designers in shoes where they can grasp inspiration from their roots and traditions gave them widespread opportunity and a chance to reflect their culture in their designs. Heritage, traditions and practices form a crucial component of community, and the night saw designs that true markers of cultural influence. Out of the 12 design firms that participated, here are the ones that bagged awards….

Bluehaus’ Mega Sweep

Overall Winner, Most Innovative, Most Sustainable, Cause-Centered

Winners of a total of four Surge Awards, Bluehaus’ Drop Stool was testament to the fact that functionality and simplicity in design are perhaps the most influential attributes in a design. Inspired by the vessel that villagers of various cultures take on their long, and sometimes arduous journey to collect the water, the stool made of recycled plastics and discarded fabrics, brings two different worlds together.

Designers: Meera Tank, Sandra Abdelshehid, Fatma Lootah, Norah Carlman, Nemanja Ribic from Bluehaus Group
Build Partner/s: Batchworks, BENE

People’s Choice Award

A clear symbolization of the peacock, the national bird of India, MOR is a seating that employees traditional weaving techniques from India that are seen in the an informal seating called ‘charpai’ back in the country.

Designers: Zaheer Ansari from Kristina Zanic Consultants
Build Partner/s: BOND Interiors

Most Impactful

Looking like a through and through contemporary lamp, Naseej by Gensler held a surprise in its shade. Palestinian upholstery and Egyptian calligraphy fill the inside of its bulbous hemisphere, and deliver a nostalgic and sensory experience with it’s vivid elements and characterstics.

Designers: Nagham Ewaiwi, Marise Guirguis, Mena Ahmed from Gensler
Build Partner/s: BW Interiors and Jeel Design

Highly Commended

Reminiscent of the bonga and colourful carnivals, Mi Pana is an interactive desk for children between the age of 6-14. The product represents the foundational pillars of the Dominican heritage and aims to have children using feel close to the culture.

Designers: Karma Zahran, Christine Alawas, Nadine Afify, Rawan Nour R. Chamoun from Forsite Creative
Build Partner/s: TCFC

Master Craftsman

Right from its rustic wood outer shell, to CNC-technology made mashrabya pattern, to the Bedouin hand-woven local fabric, Takyya is a full-blown Middle Eastern seating with nuances of modernity and simplicity.

Designers: Peter Esmat from Al Tayer Stocks
Build Partner/s: Seekers Furnishing

Best Celebrates “Heritage” Theme

Moire incorporates various components to revive local techniques and upcycling materials, and by extension also initiate communal activity and honour cultural heritage using flexible forms and the revival of a traditional leisure activity.

Designers: Sundus Nasir, Gamze Enhose, Ilya Holt from MOMA International
Build Partner/s: Remarkable


Photographs Courtesy: Chandan Sojitra

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