Brand Creative

Brand Creative is a boutique design and branding agency established by Carla Conte and Mohammed El Hijazi. Since it’s inception in 2011, the company has established itself in the U.A.E market as ‘brand space strategists’, creating engaging design solutions that build audiences, foster brand awareness, provoke thought and target desired demographics. Brand Creative is comprised of a diverse team of talent with backgrounds in strategy, architecture, civil engineering, interior design and graphic design. We combine our informed global perspective with local knowledge to envision spaces that are inspiring for users yet in line with our client’s aspirations for the future.

Our ability to instinctively connect with consumers on an emotional level is the driving force behind our success. We study varying demographics and imbue each space with strategically implemented design that has a proven track record of increasing footfall, sales and brand equity. Working with both large organisations and entrepreneurs, we have successfully launched and reinvented brands both locally and internationally, citing our inherent passion for retail as our strength.



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