Arper celebrates The Project of Living

This year’s Arper Party was the energising appetiser industry professionals needed before Dubai Design Week 2023. Playing along with the cool(er) evening in the city, the brand organised the rendezvous under the night sky at Bussola, Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort. Keep reading to catch highlights of the glittering evening…

Imagine entering a ‘work’ event through a tunnel made of creepers into a large, open lawn. As you waltz in, a light breeze blows, encouraging you to let go of the dreaded deadlines (but only until the end of the weekend). On 3rd November, known faces in Dubai’s design industry lived these moments at Bussola, Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort.

Arper had returned with their signature party, only this time preluding Dubai Design Week. Nonetheless, the buzz remained impressive. Arper’s Project of Living also proved to be going strong and even boasted newer additions to the line. And, all in good tenacity. Boundaries between interior spaces are blurring, and revising our approaches is of utmost importance. 

Fresh breeze, the company of like-minded peers and delicious gastronomy rendered the Arper party into a happening affair. In addition, tricks performed by a dexterous illusionist further sped up the momentum. As the evening reached its peak, Justine Welch, Sales Director, Arper Middle East, addressed the crowd, thanking them for their presence as well as their association with Arper. She ended her brief but lively soap-box time with some details about the showcased products.

The only returning product at the venue was the demurely curved Shaal and its cloud-inspired comfort. The others, namely, the Aava 02 chair, Roopa and the Ralik modular sofa, marked their debut at the event. As the guests mingled, they would eye and appreciate Kata’s nonchalance or be intrigued by Ralik’s chameleon-like functionality and vivid colours. Shaal’s seamless upholstery and Aava 02’s minimalism drove curiosity, too.

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