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Minimalist Flagship Retail Store, Dubai

1st Floor - near Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road - Mirdif City Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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In August 2023, Minimalist, a brainchild of Ahmad Yousuf, emerged as a demure luxury fragrance and accessories destination, redirecting the design industry with its unwavering commitment to the beauty of simplicity. This experiential concept resonated with the idea that genuine beauty lies in the most unassuming colors, curves, and textures, aiming to evoke positive emotions by drawing inspiration from the natural world. The essence of the sun’s radiance, the infinite reflections of the ocean, and the organic curves of an endless horizon coalesced to create the foundation for Minimalist Dubai. Here, premium experiences were crafted by leaving behind the distractions of everyday life at the door, ushering in a new era of retail that embraced the art of minimalism.

The Ask: Minimalist’s quest was to launch a retail destination that celebrated the timeless allure of well-designed watches, jewellery, leather goods, and fragrances while positioning itself as a premium yet accessible brand. The challenge was to develop a concept that stood out in experience and brand positioning, offering mood-enhancing products in a space that was timeless, memorable, Instagram-worthy, and multi-sensory—a place that radiated happiness and positivity.

Brand Creative‘s strategic approach to Minimalist’s store design revolved around evoking positive emotions by drawing inspiration from nature, particularly the ocean, sunlight, and organic land curves. Clean lines, neutral hues, and softly curved edges defined the minimalist design philosophy, while touches of gold symbolized happiness and the warm glow of a sunset.

The textures adorning the walls and screens were inspired by the serene beauty of ocean landscapes, and bold blue accents provided a striking contrast. The store featured a private VIP room, offering fragrances and Arabic coffee to enhance the client experience, and the reflective marble flooring captured and amplified the ambient light.

The store’s bright, open, floor-to-ceiling glass entrance entices the passersby with its play of light and luxury, drawing them into a world of opulence. Inside, guests are welcomed by an island display featuring bespoke jewellery selections, complimented by blue suede seats held up by bronze legs. Above the island, floating pearl-inspired lights add a whimsical element to the ambiance of the space. We created symmetry with reflective surfaces that soothe the beholder’s eyes. The store design engages the senses, by inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Minimalist through sight and smell, with the blended aroma of Arabic coffee and enticing fragrances wafting through the air.

Minimalist’s mission, as articulated by CEO and Founder Ahmad Yousuf, was to design products that celebrated simplicity and minimalism, focusing on what truly mattered in life. The Brand Creative team worked extremely closely with Minimalist’s in- house designers to blend Middle-Eastern-inspired heritage with luxurious materials and intricate details to ensure each timepiece radiated quality and care.

The final launch marked a refined shift in the retail luxury landscape. The design’s commitment to simplicity, quality, and

positive experiences is redefining the concept of luxury, making it accessible to all who appreciate the beauty in simplicity. Through collaboration in the development this design, a philosophy and commitment to customer satisfaction was formed, resulting in Minimalist ushering in a new elegance in retail luxury.

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923 sq-ft.


United Arab Emirates



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August, 2023

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