Meet ‘Design, Dine, make a Difference’ Headline Sponsor: Acoulite

Feature image: Steve Jardine, General Manager – Acoulite meets community leaders in Agule, Uganda

This year, Surge celebrates their 10 Year Anniversary of  ‘Design, Dine, Make a Difference’.  Thirteen of the region’s top designers have taken on the ‘Design through the Decades’ challenge – and will create conscious pieces honouring the 20s/ 50s/ 70s & 90s, iconic years that impacted all forms of design. Surge can’t wait to unveil the creations on December 7th at the gala dinner. 

While this exciting night brings together the A+D community and some of their most innovative designs, the main purpose of the event is to celebrate sustainable design and to provide safe water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to global communities in need. All of Surge’s sponsors are key to the event’s success; however, the Headline Sponsors deserve special recognition.

This year, Surge is pleased to announce Acoulite as a returning Headliner. With their support, they help Surge fulfill its mission and impact thousands of people annually!

Acoulite is the Middle East’s leading Lighting and Acoustic supplier and a longtime supporter of Surge. As a Headline sponsor they are once again helping us make the world brighter!

Surge for Water is a great cause for us to support as Acoulite has a very high level of corporate social responsibility, it is part of our DNA to find and support causes that are worthwhile and so we continue to support Surge with their wonderful mission. The Design, Dine, and Make a Difference Gala is also an opportunity for us to network with our industry peers and have an enjoyable evening. Access to safe water is a basic human right, and we are so grateful to support Surge in creating a world where access to safe water is for all.”

Terry Woodley, Managing Director of Acoulite

In addition to being a returning Headline sponsor, Acoulite has also funded the construction of two deep fresh water wells in Agule and Oriamo-Agwingiri Communities in Uganda and the construction of a village biosand filter at Pogpog Elementary School in the Philippines, bringing safe water to over 4,000 people!

Surge is thrilled to have the support of Acoulite as a Headline Sponsor to help create a happier and healthier world!

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16 November, 2023

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