Broadway Interiors Delivers Eco-Conscious Stage Design For Workspace Summit Using Second-Hand Products

Broadway Interiors, known for its innovative and sustainable design solutions, in collaboration with key partners, has unveiled an eco-conscious stage design for this year’s Workspace Summit, taking place from 4th-6th June in Dubai World Trade Centre. The design emphasises sustainability by utilising second-hand products and materials, showcasing a true office environment that fosters collaboration and innovation.

This year’s stage was a result of a collaborative design journey with the dmg events’ team, alongside their build partner Design Infinity, furniture partner Sedus, flooring and wall solutions provider NGC Nafees, lighting partner Acoulite, greenery provider Shajara, planters from Nextspace, 3D renders from Virtualistic Studios, and Intelier as their media partner.

Chris Barnes, Owner & Founder and the creative mind behind Broadway Interiors, shared his insights on the project: “It has been brilliant to see people appreciate the space and use it for its intended purpose. The team effort has been amazing. Without the support of our partners, we couldn’t have brought together what we have done.”

The design process was an intensive two-year journey with the Workspace Summit team, evolving over time to integrate sustainable practices. The final plan was formalised at the start of the year, focusing on a sustainable perspective. For the last three months, Broadway Interiors has been carefully selecting materials to ensure they have a second and even third life cycle.

Barnes elaborated on the sustainability efforts: “Most of what you see here today was not originally specified for this location. Instead, it consists of redundant products or items currently being used in different locations, brought here to create an ideation and collaboration space within a true office environment. For example, the majority of the furniture used for the audience was previously utilised at the German Pavilion at Dubai Expo in 2021. We aimed to create a space where people feel comfortable to talk, while resonating with a typical office setting.”

The stage layout at the Workspace Summit features a beautifully designed and eco-conscious setting. The main speaker stage is elevated and framed by an arched backdrop incorporating green wall and sustainable materials. The lighting is warm, creating an inviting atmosphere.

In front of the stage, there is a diverse arrangement of seating options, including curved modular sofas, individual chairs, and various types of stools and small round tables.

Dawn Pabiona, senior interior designer at Broadway, further explained the concept: “The furniture is designed to foster collaboration and conversation, with a mix of soft, neutral tones and functional designs. The combination of seating elements provides flexibility for attendees to sit comfortably while engaging with the speakers.”

The space overall reflects a modern office environment, emphasising both aesthetics and functionality, ideal for discussions and presentations. With the use of second-hand and recycled materials, the Workspace Summit stage stands as a prime example of how sustainable design can create functional and inspiring spaces, setting a benchmark for future projects.

Project details
Project name: Workspace Summit Stage
Size: 1,650 sqft
Location: Dubai World Trade Center, Hall 5
Interior design: Broadway Interiors
Fit-out: Design Infinity
Collaborators list:
 ● Furniture partner: Sedus
 ● Flooring, wallpaper and acoustics partner: NGC Nafees
 ● Lighting partner: Accoulite
 ● Greenery: Shajara
 ● Planters: Nextspace
 ● 3D visuals: Virtualistic Studios
 ● Media: Intelier
About Broadway Interiors:
Since its establishment in 1999, Broadway Interiors has been acclaimed for its dedication to quality and client satisfaction, making it one of the most respected boutique design consultancies in the UAE and the wider Middle East. Known for its functional, innovative, and sustainable designs, the company has delivered over 1000 projects, including government commercial projects, high-end residential designs, and leading F&B interiors. The multi-award-winning Asia Asia restaurant is a testament to their design prowess. With a string of accolades, including the prestigious ‘World’s Best Leisure Interior’ award in 2021, Broadway Interiors stands out for its intelligent design strategy and its ability to create unique, impactful spaces.