Cosentino Unveils Capsule Collection That “dares to play”

Region’s top designers create limited-edition furniture and home accessories collection spotlighting Cosentino’s 4mm Dekton Slim Protek

Global leader of innovative and sustainable surfaces, Cosentino, recently revealed the much-awaited second edition of its Capsule Collection at an exclusive event held at SKOONI Art Foundation & Residence. This limited-edition furniture and home accessories series crafted by 5 pioneering practitioners and founders of eminent design houses: Nadine Kanso, Omar Nakkash, Rabah Saeid, Omar Al Gurg and Thomas Trad, is both playful as it is inventive.

The cohort embarked on the project in October 2023 with an open brief from Cosentino to push the boundaries of their creative practice and “Dare to Play” with a new material – Dekton Slim Protek, a revolutionary 4mm carbon neutral, ultra-compact and mesh reinforced stone created for use in architecture and design. The 5-month journey from the drawing board to the finished products came to a spectacular close with the reveal of a collection that comes together to tell myriad stories of home, culture and modern living.

The eclectic collection of five functional and aesthetic works of art features a floor lamp, a bench, a modular assortment of multi-purpose furniture, a dinnerware carrier and an office desk.

“This edition is a surprising assortment of pieces by some of the region’s brightest minds, highlighting the possibilities of Dekton Slim Protek for product design. From the paper-thin office desk that shows off the material’s ultra-thin profile to the bench that highlights its large format, its versatility as illustrated in the design of the flexible table mats and finally its beauty as a cladding material as seen in the modular furniture and floor lamp, this collection is truly a dream made in the UAE for the world to see” said Eddy Abou Khalil, Regional Director, Cosentino Middle East.

The pieces were brought to life by Dubai-based bespoke furniture craftsmen and luxury fit-out contractor Cherwell. Having worked on the first edition of the Capsule Collection in 2021, Cherwell was well-equipped to deal with the complexities of the designs, production challenges and delivery of the prototypes.

“We worked in close collaboration with the designers to create these one-of-a-kind products. There were moments when our team was challenged to find solutions, but together we dared to raise the bar” said founder Hannah Bower-Brooks.

The Cosentino Capsule Collection is a bi-annual initiative that engages not only with well-known and emerging talent from the Middle East to create the products but also inspires the next generation of designers. This year, the collective will involve students of prominent design schools in the UAE on the practice of product design. The first edition of the Capsule Collection will also find a second life on campus as a case study tool.

Founder of radical jewelry brand Bil Arabi, Nadine Kanso’s bespoke piece “Blink”, reflects her inimitable style that celebrates the essence of modern Arab identity. The floor lamp is a playful re-interpretation of the iconic eye motif from Nadine’s hugely popular Ya Ein jewellery collection inspired by the ancient concept of Evil Eye rooted in the Arab culture.

Transforming illumination into a delightful game, the lamp creates the illusion of a winking eye as it toggles between light and dark with the flick of a switch.

With its shiny brass lampshade, exposed bulb, and cuboid base clad in Paonazzo stone inspired Dekton Awake, this statement piece adds a whimsical touch to any space.

“Through this project, I discovered another side to what I do by creating for the first time this Blink lamp. It was exciting to translate my evil eye jewellery into product design.”

Size: H 143 x Box Size 20x20x40 x Lamp Size 45x31x23 cm
Materials: Brass, Dekton Slim Protek from the Onirika collection (Colour: Awake)

The Oli Bench by Omar Nakkash for Cosentino

Drawing from his Palestinian heritage and a deep appreciation for the traditional cross-stitch embroidery form of “Tatreez”, Omar Nakkash, Founder and Design Director at Nakkash Design Studio, envisioned the Oli Bench as a functional piece that is also serves as a symbol of connection and hope.

The main elements of the bench are the sleek terracotta coloured Dekton Umber slabs and the hollow solid oak timber bases that double up as planters for the olive trees, Palestine’s symbol of resistance and resilience. Adding a deeper layer of meaning to the design, the olive trees proudly assert Omar’s Palestinian roots and stands as a testament to ancestral presence.

The slab is decorated with motifs of olive branches using square stainless-steel mosaics, in a Tatreez pattern that traces its origin to the city of Ramallah in West Bank.

“The bench is not just a piece of furniture. It is a work of art that embodies my cultural heritage, celebrates the beauty of Palestinian artistry, and invites people to connect and share their stories.”

Size: H 57 x L 300 x W 50 cm
Materials: Dekton Slim Protek from the Kraftizen collection (Colour: Umber), Solid Oak wood, Stainless-Steel

kəˈnɛkt by Styled Habitat for Cosentino

“kəˈnɛkt” (pronounced Connect) by Styled Habitat, introduces a series of innovative and playful furniture pieces that seamlessly blends sculpture with functionality. Featuring modular units that can be taken apart and reconfigured as needed, the versatile pieces lend itself to be used as tables, stools or even as pedestals.

The collection boasts sleek Dekton surfaces skillfully juxtaposed with brushed bronze, radiant iridescent glass, and textured Alpi veneer to create a captivating interplay of contrasts. This collective form, resembling the silhouette of a cityscape, celebrates the harmonious fusion of artistry and utility, inviting individuals to explore dynamic and interactive design possibilities.

“We understand design as a personal expression, nurturing intimate bonds between physical elements and emotions. Through kəˈnɛkt (connect) we invite the user to express, create and give each piece its unique story.”  Rabah Saeid, Founder, Styled Habitat

Size: H 75 x L 175.5 x W 80 cm
Materials: Dekton Slim Protek from the Kraftizen collection (Colours: Umber, Micron & Argentium), Alpi Veneer in colors Terracotta, Sottsass grey, Bronze Metal and Iridescent Glass

Dinna by Omar Al Gurg for Cosentino

An interactive and playful object from the house of MODU Method, designed by the brand’s Founder Omar Al Gurg, “Dinna” is a space-saving dinnerware carrier designed for small homes, a hangover from his time as a university student in Belfast when space was premium.

The modular product that individually comprises of four placemats, one high tray and a low tray, combines to form a cabinet to store crockery for a small family. The stand out elements of the design are the double-sided placemats. Made from thin strips of Dekton Slim Protek glued on linen fabric, the flexible placemats slide in and out of grooves on the dark solid Ash wood trays to create the doors of the cabinet.

Derived from the British English pronunciation of the word dinner, “Dinna” holds emotional and functional value as a product of our times.

“Having a meal together is the most sentimental activity that binds us as humans. “Dinna” pays tribute to this need while also being a product that is true to our contemporary lives in cities where both time and space are scarce.”

Size: H 31 x L 35 x W 72.5 cm
Materials: Dekton Slim Protek from the Kraftizen collection (Colour: Umber and Neural), Dark Solid Ash Wood

Kimiko by Thomas Trad for Cosentino

Inspired by the desire to challenge traditional furniture design, ingenious Beirut based creator Thomas Trad’s office desk “Kimiko”, is takes a rationalist approach with engineering and materials as main protagonists.

Highlighting the durability, versatility, and ultra-thin profile of Dekton Slim Protek, the minimalist design is unique for the use of Dekton slab as a desktop that appears to float above ground, balanced by the minimalist use of a single, curved, thin stainless-steel support leg.  The French oak veneer cabinet with swivel drawers add weight and a touch of warmth, enhancing the desk’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

“Kimiko not only highlights my vision for blending form and function but also celebrates Cosentino’s commitment to innovative and sustainable material solutions, making Dekton an ideal choice for modern, enduring designs.”

Size: H 73 x L 190 x W 80 cm
Materials: Dekton Slim Protek from the Kraftizen collection (Colour: Umber and Albarium), Stainless steel, French Oak Veneer

About the Collaborators

Nadine Kanso
Nadine Kanso is a modern master of disciplines who has reshaped the landscape of calligraphy and jewellery design in the region. Her idiosyncratic creations embody unique craftsmanship and distinct stone mastery vivid in colours and intricate shapes.  She launched her radical jewelry brand Bil Arabi in 2006 and became instantly known for her identifiable loud philosophical creations: rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and cufflinks drawing on the inherent beauty, calligraphic contour, and lyricism inspired by the artistic shapes and forms of the Arabic alphabet. As one of the most exciting brands to have emerged from the Middle East with Nadine as the powerhouse at the helm, Bil Arabi captures the essence of the modern Arab identity in the 21st century –unique, unavoidable and with a need to be seen and heard.
Omar Nakkash
Founder and design director at Nakkash Design Studio, Omar Nakkash received his bachelor’s degree in Design and Management from Parsons School of Design in New York. In 2012, he moved to Milan to complete his graduate studies in Interior Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design before returning home to the U.A.E in 2015 where he founded Nakkash Design Studio, a multidisciplinary architecture and design practice based in Dubai. 
The practice takes a holistic approach to interior design considering the occupants and their individual needs above everything else. The result is a portfolio of harmonious spaces that carefully balance function and aesthetics.  The studio works across both residential and commercial sectors on projects that encompass interior, graphic and product design elements. 

Rabah Saied
Rabah Saied, Founder and creative director of Styled Habitat, a dynamic design studio based in Dubai, stands as a luminary in the realm of interior design. The studio’s artistry transforms interiors into captivating stages, where cherished memories unfold. As a distinguished member of the American Society of Interior Designers and proudly featured in the AD100, Saied is an American Sudanese designer renowned for her approach to crafting immersive residential, commercial, and cultural spaces that captivate the senses and tell compelling stories where spaces and emotions harmonize. With demonstration of expressive narratives true to her signature, Saeid is regionally recognized with distinctive design awards and numerous publications. 

Omar Al Gurg
Omar Al Gurg is an Emirati photographer and designer based in Dubai, who graduated with a Part 1 Degree in Architecture from Queen’s University in Belfast. He currently holds the position of Head of Design in the Real Estate Division at Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group. Omar is the founder of the furniture brand MODU Method. MODU, short for modular, is a furniture design studio that focuses on the design and production of objects that influence and encourage a comfortable lifestyle, creating sentimental values between people and their articles. Founded in 2021, MODU has launched over 10 products that were well-received, perceived as uniquely interactive, fun, and playful.

Thomas Trad 
Thomas Trad is a product designer from Beirut fascinated with manufacturing processes, craftsmanship, and the natural beauty of materials. He attended London’s Central Saint Martins and the Suikoushya International Craft
 School in Kyoto, and has worked with the world-renowned studios Fredrikson Stallard and Michael Anastassiades. Over the many years of this education he developed a twin passion for traditional and contemporary techniques alike, which he now brings to bear in his native Beirut, where he returned in 2016 to found his own design studio.

About Cherwell
Dubai based interior fit-out contractor, Cherwell offers turnkey solutions for both commercial and residential projects across the UAE. With in-house design, manufacturing and fit-out capabilities, Cherwell can operate as lead contractor, or offer integrated services to suit client needs. Cherwell’s ten-year track record has seen the successful delivery of many of the highest achieving sale value of private residences in the region. The company owns a purpose-built 120,000 sq. ft. facility in Dubai, housing its design, planning and management teams alongside its production departments including specialized units for joinery, paint and finishes, metal works, marble, stone and glass finishing and an upholstery studio.

About the Cosentino Group
Cosentino Group is a global, family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative and sustainable surfaces for architecture and design. The company’s technologically advanced brands, Silestone®, Dekton® and Sensa® by Cosentino, add value and inspiration to people’s lives by enabling the creation of unique designs for home, commercial and public spaces.
The group bases its development on international expansion, an innovative research and development program, respect for the environment and sustainability, and its ongoing corporate commitment to society and the local communities where it operates, education, equality and health & safety. 
Cosentino Group currently distributes its products and brands in more than 110 countries, from its headquarters in Almeria (Spain). The group has eight factories - seven in Almería, Spain and one in Brazil, one intelligent logistic platform in Spain, and more than 140 commercial and business units throughout the world. More than 90% of Cosentino Group’s financial turnover comes from international markets. The Group’s Middle East operations hub is the Cosentino City Dubai showroom and experiential centre in d3, catering to projects across the region.