Feel free to talk, to meet, to work with a new line of hushFree acoustic pods

Hushoffice presents a new line of hushFree acoustic pods for work and meetings. Class A acoustic pods compliant with the ISO 23351-1:2020 standard, with a fully refreshed interior, with extremely high technical parameters, will offer the employees even more freedom and flexibility to choose the place and the way of work. All these are available in the form of three new products: hushFree.S, hushFree.M and hushFree.L. Additional solutions complement the new line of pods, such as: hushWall – a portable office partition, and hushSpot – a new multi-station hotdesking table.

In the contemporary world, employees returned to the office with a new set of “2.0 needs” and expectations with respect to the hybrid office reality. Today, the workspace must be even more flexible and its layout, equipment and functionalities should support everyday tasks of the employees. As shown by the research, almost 63% of office employees indicated collaboration and social connection as the main reasons to work from office[1]. More than 57% of employees work from office 1 to 3 days a week[2]. More than 80% of business meetings are held in hybrid form – online and offline[3]. As a result, employees and employers even more than before emphasise the importance of flexible space for formal and informal interactions in the office.

“Analysis of today’s needs of employees have shown that one of the most desired features of a modern hybrid office space is the freedom to choose the place and the way of work. This flexibility and freedom in creating less formal space for work and meetings supporting socialisation processes and increasing effectiveness of the performance of tasks are very important. What is more, availability and freedom of choice of professional acoustic pods for longer periods of quiet and calm work, online and offline meetings, as well as long-lasting phone calls are a necessity in the workspace.”
Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice

Class A acoustic solutions

The new line of hushFree acoustic pods for work and meetings offers solutions meeting the parameters of class A, compliant with the ISO 23351-1:2020 standard for office pods, with a fully refreshed interior – new acoustic panels available in eight timeless colours, extremely efficient ventilation systems, new 500 lux and 4000 K lighting, and flexible pod configurations – from empty space to any furniture or an option to use additional furnishings designed by Hushoffice. All these are available in the form of three new products: hushFree.S, hushFree.M and hushFree.L.

HushFree.S – it is a pod for working privately, for longer videoconference and for making phone calls for one person. The pod is equipped with a manually height-adjustable table – this function is easy to use and does not require an additional power supply. It allows work while standing and siting, which supports wellbeing and health care. In just a few seconds, the employee may adjust the height of the table to the appropriate level taking into account the task performed. Aesthetically designed LED side lighting of the user’s face ensures better visibility during videoconferences.

HushFree.M – this extremely comfortable acoustic pod offers an ideal space for direct or hybrid meetings, important private conversations, team meetings or creative work. The hushFree.M pod allows extending periods of high efficiency of employees during meetings and conversations or just focusing on work. It can be used for meetings of up to 4 people.

HushFree.L – this acoustic pod is an excellent alternative to traditional conference rooms. It is suitable for business meetings, presentations, larger videoconferences or less formal meetings. It can be used by up to 6 people.

Employees want inclusive workspace

Ongoing globalisation, digitalisation and the development of artificial intelligence have changed the economic image of the world, but most of all they have influenced societies around the globe. For modern organisations, this means new challenges and access to completely new employees, both in terms of competences and other features that can bring additional added value to the company. Inclusiveness or, in other words, diversity in the workplace is manifested in the functioning of employees having different physical, mental and cultural features in the same space. Such workspaces require special solutions supporting teamwork, enabling integration and exchange of experiences, and maximising the effectiveness of tasks while optimising space.

HushWall – a mobile office partition that creates flexible space division and also serves as a vertical workspace, as well as hushSpot – a new multi-station hotdesking table equipped with comprehensive accessories fully address these needs.

“In such spaces, innovations are created, business develops and employees feel that their proposals, ideas and opinions are listened to. The last three years have changed the employees’ and employers’ perception of office work and redefined their needs. The trend toward inclusiveness and diversity, space for everyone and flexible solutions for maximum efficiency of employees, while meeting their needs are the key to create solutions for the future.”
Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice

As of today, the new line of hushFree acoustic pods and supplementary Hushoffice products, such as hushSpot and hushWall are available for sale throughout Europe. In the next months, the products will also be available in APAC and US markets.

For more information see www.hushoffice.com.

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About Hushoffice
Hushoffice is a brand of acoustic pods of Mikomax, one of the leading European manufacturers of professional acoustic cabins for offices, and other contract furniture, with its registered office in Poland. The company has more than 30 years of experience in manufacture and sale of innovative product solutions. The Hushoffice brand is available in over 50 countries on almost every continent. For more information see hushoffice.com.