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Feel free to talk, to meet, to work with a new line of hushFree acoustic pods

Hushoffice presents a new line of hushFree acoustic pods for work and meetings. Class A acoustic pods compliant with the ISO 23351-1:2020 standard, with a fully refreshed interior, with extremely high technical parameters, will offer the employees even more freedom and flexibilit...

New Line of Hushoffice Acoustic Office Pods for Work and Meetings: Premiered at ORGATEC 2022

"New Visions of Work" is the motto of this year's ORGATEC, and it is there that the Hushoffice brand will present for the first time a new line of acoustic pods for work and meetings: tailor-made for the office of the future, providing the freedom to choose where and how to wo...

HushWall 2.0 – New Up-to-Date Office Divider for Flexible Workspace

HushWall 2.0 is new office divider from Hushoffice collection, upgraded to current changeable employee’s needs, giving you more freedom at arranging final look and purpose of the product. HushWall 2.0 allows for configuration in few main options, thus provides different extra ...

HushAccess.L – an ADA-Compliant Office Pod for Employees with Disabilities

HushAccess.L is a brand new pod, adapted to the needs of people with mobility impairments (an ADA-compliant office pod). It allows to work in silence and concentration and provides privacy during meetings or videoconferences for all employees – regardless of their mobility lim...

HushHybrid, An Office Pod for Video Conferencing, with the "MIAW Design" Award!

HushHybrid, acoustic work pod by Hushoffice, has been recognized with the "MIAW Design Award" in the "interior equipment" category by the French architectural magazine "Muuuz" in cooperation with the "d'a" magazine.

HushHybrid Office Pod with the Best of NeoCon 2022 Award!

HushHybrid, the office pod from Hushoffice brand, wins the silver “Best of NeoCon” award at this year’s NeoCon in Chicago in the “Acoustics and Privacy” category.

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Mikomax Smart Office 4, Dostawcza St. 93-231

We are Mikomax Smart Office – the creators of Hushoffice™ acoustic workpods. We have been serving our customers internationally for 29 years now and gained expertise in creating agile offices. We’ve been analyzing trends and best practices all over the world to understand what makes people thrive in workplaces. What we have learned is that – in order to feel fulfilled and stay inspired and intellectually stimulated – employees need regular adaptations of working environment. To keep up with communication and business challenges they require agile solutions that respond to their needs.

So now, with our flagship range of Hushoffice acoustic booths, we leverage on Mikomax proficiency in manufacturing office furniture to deliver effective workplaces that delight the users and help our Customers keep up with changes. The workplaces where everyone is able to work just the way they like and need – YOUR HUSH, YOUR WAY!


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