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Mikomax Smart Office 4, Dostawcza St. 93-231

We are Mikomax Smart Office – the creators of Hushoffice™ acoustic workpods. We have been serving our customers internationally for 29 years now and gained expertise in creating agile offices. We’ve been analyzing trends and best practices all over the world to understand what makes people thrive in workplaces. What we have learned is that – in order to feel fulfilled and stay inspired and intellectually stimulated – employees need regular adaptations of working environment. To keep up with communication and business challenges they require agile solutions that respond to their needs.

So now, with our flagship range of Hushoffice acoustic booths, we leverage on Mikomax proficiency in manufacturing office furniture to deliver effective workplaces that delight the users and help our Customers keep up with changes. The workplaces where everyone is able to work just the way they like and need – YOUR HUSH, YOUR WAY!


Email: [email protected]
Phone: +0048 785 885 035

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