Tech meets Looks

In the ever-evolving design field, marrying technology with aesthetics has become a defining trend in transforming spaces. Set to gain impetus, this fusion of innovation and visuals can shape the future of building and design through intelligent, minimalistic solutions that possess design finesse and impressive craftsmanship. If that intrigues you as a designer, read on to explore a list of products created by the experts at Love That Design that lie at the convergence of technology and great looks.

As intelligent as it gets.

Dyson presents a revolutionary floor light for designers seeking the pinnacle of lighting innovation. It has four kinds of lights (indirect, feature, ambient, and task) to suit how one lives and works with precision-engineered mechanics. It is a sleek, aesthetic lamp that the Dyson Link app can smartly control. It has a GPS-driven algorithm that dynamically adjusts colours and brightness every 60 seconds according to local daylight. The best part? Its state-of-the-art tech lets the light last for 60 years!

Flexible and stunning.

The Hushwall empowers designers to create flexible, dynamic, multifunctional workspaces and maximise space efficiency. It has three impressive configurations: a mobile partition with a felt panel, a room divider with a whiteboard, or a mobile multimedia display wall with a TV mount. Designers can have the creative freedom to build layouts using HushWall without the hassle of complex installations. It radiates elegance in colour options of cosmos grey and white. 

Setting new standards.

Ergotron’s WorkFit-TX Standing Desk Converter combines ergonomic and aesthetic excellence, setting a new standard in sit-stand versatility. Its X-shaped lift mechanism folds seamlessly close to your desk, ensuring optimal monitor-to-keyboard tray spacing for every user. With its ultra-low profile and adjustable back-tilt keyboard, it has it all. Its sleek black finish is like a cherry on top that blends seamlessly with any design style without standing out.


A revolutionary smart bike that not only boasts stunning aesthetics but also redefines the indoor cycling experience. Technogym Ride is integrated from display to pedal with science-driven training apps, on-demand coaches and virtual outdoor routes, transforming the indoor bike experience. With no setup required, multiple gears and a realistic riding feel, this bike ensures a dynamic and engaging workout session every time. Its modern, eye-catching design is a plus.

A spout-ture!

Front: Combining cutting-edge technology with elegant aesthetics, it’s not just a tap – it’s a statement. Crafted by pioneers in boiling water technology, its sleek design and flawless craftsmanship elevate any space. Paired with the CUBE for chilled sparkling water, Front offers great tech and great looks in one package. It’s the epitome of form meeting function and is available in stainless steel and black finishes, complete with a child-safe bezel.

Elevate workspaces.

If you’ve been looking for a smart, tech-forward, yet visually appealing pod solution to incorporate into your office design projects, Framery O is where your search ends. Designed with world-class soundproofing, exceptional acoustics and patented tech, Framery O ensures seamless communication during ad-hoc phone calls and video meetings. Its sleek and versatile design makes it the perfect addition to any modern workspace, making a statement. It goes well with diverse design styles and comes in three variants.

Triple productivity.

Image from Plan Blue Collection

Flo X Multi revolutionises dual or triple-screen workspaces, accommodating monitors up to 32″ or three up to 27″, with a combined weight of 16kg. Its single tilt mechanism simplifies adjustment, while easy side-to-side rotation enables hassle-free flat, cockpit or continuous curved screen arrangement. Compact, ergonomic and visually unobtrusive, it enhances efficiency without disrupting the visual flow of the design narrative.

Power up anything you’d like.

Plateau epitomises modern convenience, seamlessly integrating flush-mount power into furniture without needing tools for connection and disconnection. With its sleek and contemporary near-flush profile, boasting a 2mm mounting depth and integrated over-current protection, Plateau redefines elegance in technology. Available in sophisticated white, black, or silver finishes and versatile two or three-gang variants, designers can select the perfect fit for their visions. Experience the pinnacle of functionality and style with Plateau – a discreet yet impactful addition to any space.

Literally ‘elevates.’

Aritco PublicLift Access sets itself apart by seamlessly integrating advanced technology and captivating Scandivanian design elements. Tailored for accessibility in public environments, this elevator can be customised through colours, flooring, etc., all while prioritising sustainability with 95% recyclable materials. Its patented screw and nut technology not only ensures minimal maintenance but also reduces operating costs, making it a cost-effective solution. The SmartSafety system enhances safety features and represents practicality and elegance in modern elevator design. Also available in an outdoor version.

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