Happiness is the reason why Framery exists and is at the heart of everything we do. Our silent pods transform open plan office behavior, enabling people to be more efficient and happier. We know that people will love our pods, so we offer our customers a 100% money back guarantee, and so far no one has ever claimed. Today over 40% of Forbes top 100 companies have happier workplaces because of Framery Pods, and the number is growing fast.

Serious About Happiness

Researches confirms that personal productivity drops when there are distractions at the office. It’s been recommended that open plan offices should be complemented with many, easily accessible quiet workspaces. This is about answering the needs for privacy and concentration.

All Framery products are designed to increase effectiveness in an open plan office environment. 50% of people working in open plan offices find the lack of sound privacy the most frustrating aspect of the work environment. Framery pods provides them a place to concentrate and to not disturb colleagues.

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Framery O

Perfect for making important calls or participating in video conferences. Have your discussions in privacy without disturbing your colleagues.

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