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OE Electrics Limited, OE House, Thomas Maddison Lane Calder Park, Wakefield, WF4 3GH,
United Kingdom

Workspaces are changing rapidly; clients want more agile, more collaborative environments to enjoy working together without compromise. Individuals want freedom to move throughout the day, without limiting themselves by the need to charge their devices here or there. 

We believe in anywhere.

OE works closely with furniture manufacturers, interior designers and architects to guide them in bringing about the next generation of human-centred design through accessible power. It is our mission to enable people to power anywhere and to allow our clients to be unrestrained by the conventions of traditional electrics.

Our unique modular systems, international configurations & bespoke solutions allow us to cater to all individuals, in any industry, in every part of the world. In fact, you’ve probably already found our products in your everyday life around the 60+ countries we export to. 

Team members:

Regional Sales Manager - Middle East

Abrar Dar

Regional Sales Manager - Middle East at OE Electrics Ltd

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