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Lightcycle™ Task Light

Dyson's recently launched its latest lighting innovation – the Lightcycle™ Task Light. Not only does the task lamp factor in time and location to produce natural looking light, but it also adjusts to the user's age.

Futureproof your workplace safely with touch-free Dyson Airblade

With many returning to the workplace, Dyson Airblade™ technology can help contribute to a hygienic washroom environment and keep office workers safe, delivering a totally touch free experience, unlike some other conventional hand drying methods.



Dyson is a global technology company. Using a desire to make things work better as a catalyst for invention, our team of 3,500 engineers and scientists are passionate about developing technology that solves the problems others often ignore. From the world’s first bag-less vacuum cleaner, to hand dryers that use high-speed sheets of air to remove moisture from hands to a completely re-thought hair dryer with its motor in the handle, we are relentless about engineering better solutions. Dyson spends £7million GBP a week on research and development and will launch a battery electric vehicle in 2020, into which £2billion GBP is being invested.

The Dyson Professional division provides hand dryers, LED lighting, hair dryers, air purifiers and fans, and cord-free vacuum cleaners for businesses.



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