Trendyol Office, Istanbul

Spine Tower, Maslak, Büyükdere Cd. No:243, 34485 Sariyer, Istanbul, Turkey

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About the project

The space Trendyol opted to use for the company’s new office was originally conceived as a small “mall” on the ground floor of a high-rise. The existing scheme was designed as the food court area of the high-rise. When evaluating the circulation of an office with around 1,500 employees, it became clear that the existing facilities would not be sufficient for both the office and the high-rise users. Therefore, an entrance at the first basement level was created by opening a space into the façade, and served as main entrance of the office. The landscape leading to the entrance and the main lobby was designed specifically to enhance the brand identity and values of Trendyol.

In order to minimise excess circulation time and economise the time spent in elevators or stairway landings, all the other work areas were connected with a ramp built inside the gallery. This element constituted the backbone of the project. Mezzanines were built in the void, a social area, where the ramp ends with a staircase, and the platform was used as a café. A glass elevator connecting all floors and staircases was just an additional intervention to improve the circulation inside the office space.

Designed with a view of bringing together different teams, the cafeteria, conference rooms and training halls were all located on the lowest floor, third basement. Marketing and business departments, and meeting rooms were placed on the second basement floor, while the technology team sat on the first. Being the heart of the office, the atrium was situated on the second basement, and designed as a place to socialise, rest and co-work at the same time.

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