Mitsumi Distribution Office, Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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The foundation of designing an inviting office space lies in its careful selection of materials, colours, and textures. Soft browns, muted greens, and warm yellows create a comforting ambiance, evoking a sense of tranquillity and connection with nature.

The space needed a different perspective while designing as it was a total workspace culture change, but at the same time keeping it more welcoming and functional for the user group.

The main idea was to create an absence of physical barriers, but at the same time create interesting elements which segregated the space between the different spaces creating a sense of togetherness between employees.

Biophilic & sustainable space is achieved by incorporating a multitude of live plants into its design, bringing the outdoors inside. Planters strategically placed, as well as a living wall, contribute not only to aesthetics, but also enhances creativity, reduces stress, and improves productivity, making it a key aspect of the design philosophy.

A touch of vibrancy is added to the warm palette through carefully selected pops of colour. These bursts of colour, whether in the form of accent furniture, wall art, inject energy and personality into the space. Blues, and oranges strategically placed throughout the office provide a visual contrast, breaking the monotony and infusing a sense of playfulness into the otherwise earthy tones.

The open ceiling element serves as the crowning feature, tying together the various design elements into a cohesive whole. Exposed beams, ductwork, and pipes give the space an industrial yet contemporary aesthetic. This open ceiling not only adds an element of architectural interest but also provides a sense of spaciousness and freedom. It fosters a collaborative and transparent work environment, encouraging communication and teamwork among employees.

This thoughtfully designed workspace not only creates an inviting atmosphere but also supports productivity, creativity, and a positive company culture. It stands as a model for modern offices seeking to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics, where employees can thrive in an environment that feels like a second home.

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3,500 sq-ft.


United Arab Emirates



Completed On:

December, 2023

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