Global Tech Firm, Pune

Pune, India

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The idea is to create an office that is agile & free moving as well as work-friendly for the research & development team. The design concept was to use more vibrant colors & balance them with the subtlety of the office. The seatings to be used are more organic & vibrant to give a fresh & unique look to the office.

It is said that colors in your surroundings affect your ability to respond. So, the color theme for the office is designed in such a way that the cool colors used will help to boost the mental ability to work more efficiently.

By adding multiple semi-open & closed spaces for team discussion Pinakiin Designs have avoided the cabin concept. Adding some natural green elements like natural indoor plants, green walls, etc. to create a fresh feel in the office.

Designers have added nature theme wall graffiti in the space to promote positive energy flow. The façade area is kept open to allow the flow of natural light throughout the day in the office. Use of modern technology to conserve electrical energy used in the office. Using motion sensor energy-efficient light fittings.

Use of VAV units in closed spaces to control the flow of air in areas with no occupancy. The furniture used is eco-friendly & made up of renewable materials. The paint used in the space is VOC free.

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