LTD Top 50 Most Viewed Products of 2020

Here is a list of our top Top 50 most viewed products, divided by category. Check out what our readers loved most!




We thought to run through our database to see what products were getting the most love from our readership. And for the first time, we collated a list of our most highly viewed products by category. Here are the results!

LTD’s Top 50 Products of 2020…


Amtico Designer Choice

Designers’ Choice is a collection of beautiful floor designs created by Amtico design team to inspire you and make creating stunning floors easy.


The beauty of Canvas surfaces is about being natural and understated. These tiles are designed to be versatile and subtle, featuring a delicate glimmer effect and a tactile finish that doesn’t favour a specific direction through patterns that guide the user’s gaze.

Dye Lab

We challenged the traditional piece dye process and developed an innovative approach that mimics ancient wash and dye techniques of folding and bundling fabric. The result of Dye Lab’s manufacturing process yields an unprecedented depth to the colour with artful, random nuances, progressing from light to saturated— an irregular beauty, harmonious with the natural world.


Luscious colours. Part of the &-collection. It’s designed to harmonise beautifully with all products in the &-collection. The colour, pattern and textures of Fluid& can be used alongside the subtle linear texture of Fashion& or the vintage velvet look of Velvet& for a beautiful tone-on-tone effect.

Moss In Stone

Create your path to +Positive spaces™ with Human Connections.

Reform a New Wave

With the ambition to trade bad for good, abandoned fishing nets are collected and cleaned to be reborn as the hardwearing ECONYL® yarn that makes up the multidimensional carpet constructions. Thus, the collection actively protects sea life by finding meaningful purposes for drifting nets that account for one tenth of the waste in the ocean.


Aquno Select M81

The flat spray of the Aquno Select M81 is gentle on bruise-prone fruit and vegetables. But that’s not all: The water washes small, delicate fruits efficiently when used with the hansgrohe multi-function filter screen. Individual micro-fine jets make contact with the food at a shallow angle and rinse them in no time at all. The smart position of the spray, which is positioned at the tap base, close to the basin helps the wide SatinFlow jet’s optimised flow rate to conserve resources and minimise splashing.

Dekton® Liquid by PATTERNITY

Cosentino presents the Liquid Collection by PATTERNITY for Dekton, the state-of-the-art, ultra-compact large format surface. The Dekton Liquid Collection features three colorways: Liquid Shell, Liquid Embers and Liquid Sky.


With an elegantly fluted zinc body the Zedra offers intuitive, tactile operation and great features such as lead and nickle free water flow. The pull-out spray is ideal for rinsing veg or the sink itself – you can select from three spray types according to the job in hand – while water consumption is reduced by up to 70% without compromising performance.


Allure Brilliant Icon 3D

With the reinterpretation of the Atrio and Allure Brilliant lines by incorporating the Icon 3D design, GROHE takes product design and the joy of water to a whole new level. Cutting-edge Digital Technology Meets Craftsmanship, Creating Unique Products Icon 3D combines state-of-the-art digital technology with hand-crafted, proven GROHE quality.

Axor Edge

A state-of-the-art diamond-cutting machine assures accuracy down to a thousandth of a millimeter. Specially developed for AXOR Edge. With the same diamond-tipped tool used in the space and laser industries,

Numi® 2.0 Intelligent Toilet

Welcome to a whole new world of intelligent. Numi 2.0 with KOHLER Konnect is Kohler’s most advanced toilet, giving you the freedom to set every detail to your personal preferences — from warm-water cleansing and a heated seat to ambient lighting and air freshening. With built-in Amazon Alexa, Numi 2.0 lets you create your ideal environment with only the sound of your voice. 


Rainfinity through the technology PowderRain provides a new, all-embracing shower pleasure that enables an unique relaxation feeling.


Aqua Glazed Movable Walls

Aluminium Framed Glass Movable Wall with Inset Pass Door and Semi Automatic Function. Steel structure with Aluminium Frame.

Framery O

Framery O
Perfect for making important calls or participating in video conferences. Have your discussions in privacy without disturbing your colleagues. Framery O delivers an echo-free and comfortable working environment

Freestanding Walls

The product truly brings the word juxtaposition to life; the combination of natural materials – plants and woods – to industrial metal fits the design style today. No rules apply.


Frontal and intermediate screens in acrylic with opening for an easy installation.
Four acrylic bases.

Safety Solutions

Covid crisis have impacted all areas of our life but offices are becoming accessible again. We can’t predict all scenarios of the future, however we can make some preparations.



An elegant personal light with integrated USB charging facility
The desk light that’s in charge
Lolly is a personal desk light that gives power to the user through its integrated USB type A and type C ports, offering convenient charging for personal devices

Panthella Portable

Iconic and timeless design. Glare free ambient illumination with 100% Step-dim: 0%/10%/33%/100% and Portable with charging by USB or charging station.

SAS500 Baffle Ceiling Lights

SAS500 Lights are linear suspended luminaires with acoustic absorption properties. Ideal for exposed soffit areas, baffles offer creative and acoustic flexibility, ideal for new build and retrofit schemes. Baffle ceiling lights fit seamlessly into both timber and metal ceiling baffles providing high-quality lighting for a wide range of applications and design projects.



Adage brings hand-woven techniques to industry front lines. Material and color are intertwined in a deceptively simple and balanced structure, creating a multi-color texture with an enhanced visual effect


Inspired by the renown “Oxford” textile pattern, MAGLIA™ achieves a natural appearance of the slightly thicker yarn fibres and provides a cosy sensation in interior and exterior environments.

Patio Outdoor

Patio is an upholstery textile developed for outdoors, which offers exceptional colour vibrancy.


Bike Personal

Innovative, compact, beautiful: we present the new Bike Personal. Its small size and elegant design allow you to shape the gym of your dreams in any environment. Technogym Coach marks a new milestone in training technology: it is your on-demand Personal Trainer, ready to help you reach your fitness goals wherever you are


Lima is 100% recyclable and backed by a lifetime warranty, unlike many entry level monitor arms. We pride ourselves on leading the way in designing the new and Lima continues this legacy. From a patented, intuitive and user-friendly push-button mechanism that encourages user interaction, to an industry first in the use of a composite polymer in its construction.

Neo-Flex® Monitor Stand

Ramp up ergonomic comfort for a great price. The Neo-Flex Monitor Stand lets you instantly set the height of your screen for a more comfortable view.

Technogym Bench

Switch to a new, easier and more effective functional training experience. The all-in-one Technogym Bench with dedicated storage holds all the tools you need for a complete workout.



Adell has been created with adaptability in mind. Designed for use in spaces of repose, Adell can be customized to suit myriad contexts, from lounge areas to waiting rooms, educational common areas, hospitality spaces or residential settings. To accommodate a variety of contexts.

Aston Club

The internal components of this superior lounge chair are made from recycled plastic from industrial waste and without the use of glue. With its clean, pure lines and softly supportive structure, each component piece has been carefully crafted to provide both visual and physical comfort – be it in office, hospitality, or residential contexts. A matching footrest continues the aesthetic and creates a moment of full repose and relaxation.

C+D Conference Tables

Designed by Mario Ruiz, the C+D Conference Table features comprehensive options as a standard offering, with the ability to accommodate specials for various sizes, materials and finishes. The new conference table is a platform for standard, and an inspiration for customization.

Cabana Lounge™

We work in the moment. Cabana Lounge responds to the changing office landscape with thoughtfully integrated worksurfaces, embedded power options, visual privacy, and application flexibility that support the temporary moments of your day—just steps from your workspace.

Catena Office Landscape

Enhancing agility, freedom and flexibility for optimised workspaces. Beyond diversity with infinite possibility. Infinite possibilities to create various settings in the workplace.

eModel 2.0

eModel 2.0 offers adjustment range for desks, workbenches and conference tables with Anti-Collision function(with external gyro sensor). Moreover while moving part of the desk (table top) hits an obstacle, table top stops and reverses to safe position. Desk has built up control panel with display and memory function.


The EVERYis1 is the entry-level answer to the requirements of the new, mobile and modular world of work.

Havn Tables by Studio TK

Havn tables complement Havn lounge seating both in design and functionality but, at the same time, work perfectly on their own or together with other lounge furniture, within or outside the Studio TK collection.


A hub is a central space that no one can pass by and from where you can go in any direction. The range of design options offered by this universal chair system is simply too broad. The variety, the colours, the flexibility and the high-quality materials are just a few of the highlights of the universal chair system.


The non-electric, adjustable surface is equipped with the full BIFMA ergonomic range, an industry first, allowing comfortable sitting and standing and promoting movement, agility and productivity. With no floor supports and a flip-down worksurface, this solution is designed for space optimization. Users have access to power and charging at their fingertips without sacrificing aesthetics with the controlled and concealed cable management system. Meet the JŪV™ Wall by Ergotron.


Next is as comfortable as it is versatile and functional. It integrates in all types of environments, private or professional, in a home office or in a public project. The different bases – central wood, four wooden legs, five casters and sled – further enhancing its adaptability.

Nuova Contessa

Nuova Contessa is a redesigned and enhanced version of Teknion’s classic Contessa task chair. A refined aesthetic, advanced adjustment mechanisms, increased strength and durability deliver uncompromised comfort and performance for diverse body types

POSH Express 2 Chair

A friendly, functional and streamlined office chair that’s perfect for the fast-growing business.

Express 2 takes the best of the original Express chair and refines it for even more comfort and style


The sleek Q18 shelving system by Alea is a modular bookcase solution made of a slim 18mm x 18mm section aluminium structure.
FLUSHNESS Smart fixing system between aluminium parts makes the product elegant and clean with no visible screws.


Sakuru, a comprehensive collaborative platform, allows businesses to cater to single team work or multiple teams working side by side allowing presentation space to be created when needed.

Soft Work

Soft Work offers a versatile platform for both individuals and teams. Besides ergonomic seating options, users also find practical table surfaces, power outlets and charging stations.


Its design starts from an iconic and sculptural central base, which generates a volumetric presence and gives it a differentiated design through a neutral aesthetic with rounded and smooth lines that stand out for their architectural gesture. Status is a table of apparent simplicity that hides a complex technical development and technology, in which engineering and beauty come together.


The portfolio includes poufs and tables in a multitude of sizes and shapes including: Block, Pebble, and Round. The wide variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations make this collection built for multi-purpose solutions: from a deskside pull-up for impromptu meetings, a small collaborative station in lobby nooks, overflow seating for meeting rooms, or lively centerpieces to the office atrium. The combination of fun volumetric shapes and endless color possibilities (available in a standard, two-tone or custom options) add interest to a space while the simplicity of the design provides an intuitive and flexible solution for the end user.

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