Product Review Round Up 2023

The last month of the year has arrived, prompting reflection on the twelve months gone by. Love That Design simplifies the task of pinpointing specific product details among the vast array of global offerings by curating reviews of top-tier brands’ products. In 2023, renowned designers affiliated with esteemed firms examined select pieces. Let’s delve deeper into their insights…

A Wave of Refreshing Colours

From left to right: Hanin Al Rifai, FF&E Designer, Keane Brands; John Rabone, Managing Director, R&R Design

“We both really liked the product straight away. It appeals to us with its individuality. It’s got movement and they look traditional. The colours are something that jumped out to both of us straight away – we both loved the green colour. It’s a nice range of colours that are not too imposing. It’s one of these tiles that you can put in a scenario where a lot of designers have been using the subway tiles, which is actually getting a bit boring because they tend to be in virtually every project nowadays.”

Light & Luxe

From left to right: David G Daniels, Design Principal and Partner, Killa Designs; Mira Kanj, Assistant Project Manager at Dewan Architects

“The fact that it doesn’t shout itself means it is very flexible. The LP Grand 320, particularly its small size, is different from those immensely strong and dominant that you have to build those spaces around it. It is like one of those layering elements that don’t steal away the focus. The fact that it is multi-positional and that you can have it flush or warm or as a wall-mounted fixture means you won’t have to look at it as a simple pendant light. Its calm and straightforward character makes it easy for this to co-exist with elements in the same space. The DALI-based system also gives a great deal of control over it.”

Customisable, Thoughtful and Inclusive

From left to right: Sara Jamil, Interior Designer, Roar; Nervan Helmy, Senior Interior Designer, SAY Studio

I wasn’t impressed at first – I thought to myself, I’ve seen this before. But now that I know and understand the details and everything, there are a lot of features that make it stand out from the other products in the market. I think it’s great that it’s built to be accessible for everyone, including those in a wheelchair. That’s amazing because in other products you wouldn’t have that option at all. You can change so many colors, and textures and you can just play around with it. It’s super flexible, which is great because the size and customization options with these are limited. It’s also that it can go back to the manufacturer at a later date, I think it’s quite handy that it’s something that’s so focused on sustainability for a project.

Craft meets Sustainability

From left to right: Morgan Heuer, Interior Designer, dwp; Suzanne Tick; Merian Eid, Interior Designer, Kristina Zanic Consultants

“When I looked at that fabric, it’s like you’re really looking through a dimension with the different lines, and the techniques that we’ve used in the fabric are so beautiful. This is something that could immediately bring my concept to life. Out of the whole design process, the concept is my favourite – and when Suzanne spoke about the concept, I felt really connected to the product. It’s mind blowing.”

The Sound of Silence

From left to right: Emily Wong, Senior Associate, Bluehaus Group; Aleksandra Nastic, Senior Associate, Woods Bagot

“What you can do with the product is limitless. It’s a high-performance acoustic system, and acoustics are so important in a space. In the 25 Hours Hotel, particularly, we had a double volume space, and we had the vision to have a great big artwork on the ceiling. Kvadrat not only delivered perfectly but also added greatly to the guest experience. I come into the lobby, and I don’t have an issue with the noise, and I don’t need to shout; I can speak comfortably.”

Ease & Elegance

 Regina Matthew, Senior Project Designer, AAID

“The ease with which the screens can be manoeuvred and adjusted to suit every user is remarkable. I also liked the sturdiness of the fixing post – allowing the screens to be moved around easily without any feeling of instability – it gave confidence that you could, in fact, move the screens as quickly as the product claimed.”

Marble…it’s not?

From left to right: Karim Karam, Managing Director & Founder, Imperium Group; Elias Bshara, Senior Interior Designer, B8 Architecture

“It’s very impressive, I would say. When you see these kinds of super high-quality lines, and then you see that going to be continuous for six metres, that’s going to give us an amazing and luxurious look and feel for the space. Especially if it’s dark and you see this on the floor or even the wall for a long, long span, no cut – it will be beautiful.”

As Voluptuous as a Chair can get

From left to right: Cem Kapancioglu, CEO, CK Architecture Interiors; Monica Arango, Founder & Creative Director, C’est Ici Decor

The piece was designed in 1952…it’s very nice to see the history back then that has been translated to 2022. When you look at it, it’s obviously wood veneer, but when you sit in it, you really feel that comfort, functionality and design come together.

Flexible and Fun

From left to right: Candida Van Dyk, Senior Project Designer, AAID; Sandra Abdelshehid, Interior Designer, Bluehaus

“I strongly believe that this product’s flexibility allows organisations to seamlessly expand within the system without the need for additional purchases. It caters to boutique establishments looking to grow. For instance, if an organisation of 500 people starts with collaborative tables, they can easily add screens for privacy when hiring a few more individuals, effectively utilising the available space. Primarily designed for commercial use, this product’s adaptability is its key strength.”

The World’s Most Sustainable Task Chair

From left to right: Michelle Eid, Senior Interior Designer, SAY Studio; Niya Nikolova, Interior Designer, Roar

I think it’s how flexible it is. When I sat on the chair, I just noticed it had what other chairs usually don’t react to or don’t achieve as a format. When you go backwards, it doesn’t throw you back to the front. These kinds of small details help while working long hours.

At the Price of a High-End sofa, but does much more

From left to right: Bruno Guélaff, Design Director & Managing Partner, BG Group; Hannes Werner, Architect – Partner, WWF

It’s a luxury product rooted in both form and function. The collaboration with designers and attention to styling has elevated its status. It’s iconic and recognized, like the Apple of gym equipment. The quietness is a big plus. Gyms usually have a buzzing atmosphere, but this machine offers a more serene experience.”

Rustic & New

From left to right: Mansi Tewari, Design Director, AAID; Paul Miles, Principal Lighting Designer & Partner, Light Touch PLD

“My first impression is that it’s sleek and beautiful. The use of the natural pinewood is well done. And of course, the construction of it is unique and its simplicity adds to its chicness. This product looks so simple and is so far from the standard aluminium box fixture. The fact that the wood is real, not something that’s been printed on makes it a refreshing piece of design.”

Shape-shifter & Game-changer

From left to right: Avinash Kumar, Executive Director, Godwin Austen Johnson; Razan Najee, Interior Designer, National Engineering Bureau

“We appreciate the product’s simplicity and performance. It’s user-friendly and can even be used for retrofitting. The product’s adaptability ensures that it can fit into various design criteria seamlessly. It can take different forms and shapes easily. They are ideal for commercial spaces and schools. Even for offices, it outperforms open ceilings. It could also work for residential spaces and common areas.”

Soft Curves, Sturdy Ergonomics

Andrés Álvarez, Design Manager at SAY Studio

“What impressed me is the chair’s retro-futuristic equilibrium while it simultaneously oozes sophistication. When I first saw it, I immediately thought that it could be easily showcased in cinematic thrillers like Blade Runner, Gattaca or Ex Machina!”

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28 December, 2023

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