These 10 Mid-century Modern Restaurants are stare-worthy

Inducing peak nostalgia with its evergreen appeal, the Mid-century modern aesthetic is still synonymous with good design for a reason. Originating in post-World War II, the movement embodies a cultural and industrial mindset shift to a more family-oriented lifestyle with a renewed sense of harmony with nature.

The design style is essentially characterised by voluminous, open spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows. Some of its other fundamental aspects include an equal emphasis on form and function, relentless experimentation with natural and synthetic materials in furniture, an honest approach towards showcasing construction elements in interiors and an underlying love for minimalism in design. 

Compared to modern and contemporary aesthetics, Mid-century modern style shifts the focus from pure function or form to simple, clean and futuristic designs with vibrant splashes of colour. Here are 10 restaurants that made a mark on Love That Design with the magic of Mid-century modern influences in 2023….

Bright and breezy, the Gypsy Cup designed by House of Form reinvigorates like a cup of coffee. Its Mid-century modern interior revels in an open floor plan periodically punctured with minimally-styled windows. The indoor-outdoor connection is further accentuated with miniature pots and plants. 

A series of vibrant artwork and colourful furniture sets complement the earthy tones of the space. Chequered patterns, another signature element of the style, can be spotted all over the cocktail bar, from the stucco walls and ceiling to the black and white floor.

At first glance, Not Only Fish by LXA is seemingly Scandinavian in style, but the geometric wall cladding and bar flooring, graceful glass facade and a colourful contrast in flooring hint at a different design style at play. While both the Scandinavian and Mid-century modern aesthetic share their roots in clean and minimal interiors, the floor-to-ceiling windows are a staple element of the latter. 

Moreover, an array of materials harmoniously coexist in its voluptuous expanse ideal for a Sunday getaway. Clean lines, exposed services and functional forms add to its clutter-free charm.

The traditional Chinese form of the La maison Xun designed by LDH Architectural Design houses a contrasting Mid-century modern interior. Covered in a coherent full-height glass facade, the low-profile structure overlooks a serene courtyard. Its layered wooden interiors and organic shapes establish a direct connection with the outdoors. 

Dressed in minimalism, the comfortable seating flaunts wood and metal accents and subtle curves. Mood lighting and conceptual artworks lend a sense of history, warmth and sophistication to this modern dining space.

Highlighting its impressive height, an expansive glass facade welcomes you into DANZA by Ippolito Fleitz Group. The interior set-up, from the geometric facade, pedestal tables and curved alcoves to the signature yellow chairs and teal bar stools, screams Mid-century modern. 

Strategically spaced plants and soft sculptural lines complement its clean and uncluttered expanse. A rhythmic display of statement lights completes the elegant appeal of this spacious restaurant.

With nature at heart, the NETTE Restaurant by H2R Design blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors as a blanket of greens snugly covers its airy, open floor plan. Doused in a refreshing colour palette of teals, browns and oranges, the seating is skilfully segregated into cosy clusters. 

Dotted with complementary whites and natural textures, the free-flowing restaurant makes for a delightful dining experience.

Tipping towards the industrial aspect of Mid-century modern aesthetics, the Klosterhaus by DesignLSM experiments with sleek silhouettes of metal and wood. The dazzling centralised bar balances the double-height interiors. 

A coherent wooden interior with steel accents, stucco-finished balconies, portrait artworks and strategic pendant lighting devise a warm and welcoming environment. Patterned bar flooring and occasional pops of colour add drama to the existing grandeur.

Binding the kaleidoscopic design of ReMIX by Saar Zafrir Design is the subtly curved, peg-legged furniture in muted hues. Flaunting iconic shapes influenced by Mid-century modern designs, rhythmic rows of seating are flanked by rectangular window slits. 

Geometric patterned flooring and wall cladding balance the bursts of colour and music-themed decor. The retro art pieces make up for a nostalgic dining experience.

Sunlit, oversized windows with contrasting dark-toned furniture and colours make up the dramatic interiors of The Fairmont Olympic by Lazaro Rosa Violan Studio Parker-Torres Design. The stunning circular chandeliers, warm wooden furniture, patterned flooring and metal grid partitions compose an electrifying Mid-century modern aesthetic with decorative wall finishes. 

Bright, bold colours in furniture with comfortable curves is another prominent design feature of the movement.

Parisian hues dance through the length of Volare & Bomboloni by Studio Modijefsky, while wood doubles up as a common denominator for the Italian-themed restaurant. Riddled with striking colours and patterns in wall cladding, the space unfolds with artistic appeal. 

Neutrals engulf the walls and fabric-covered ceilings as the restaurant is softly illuminated with warm light spheres. Floor-to-ceiling windows lined with potted plants are a subtle nod to a Mid-century modern aesthetic-inspired facade.

Bursting with character, the Pigeon Post by THDP crafts a moody interior as a feature focal bar forms the centre of attention against the textured wood and veneer backdrop. The furniture, although diverse in form, follows a coordinated visual aesthetic. 

Bold blue colour strokes, patterned flooring and statement wall lamps conjure an old-world charm. ‘Less is more’ as vintage typewriters adorn walls as minimal murals. 

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