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Who hasn’t hit the snooze button on their alarm instead of hitting the gym? With Technogym’s latest treadmill, Technogym Run, gone are the days of monotonous treadmill routines that leave you clock-watching and craving an escape. To see whether it is as competent as it is eye-catching, we called upon Bruno Guélaff, Design Director & Managing Partner at BG Group, and Hannes Werner, Partner at WWF. Here’s what they had to say…

Technogym Run is a treadmill that takes personalization to the next level by offering a range of customizable workout options. Sprinting like a cheetah today? Awesome. Craving a resistance challenge tomorrow? You got it. This treadmill doesn’t just play along; it actually vibes with your fitness aspirations.

Designed to cater to every member of the family – from beginners to marathon runners the 27” Technogym Live console offers a variety of workouts that encompass cardio, strength, and even high-intensity training. It’s like having a workout sidekick who knows you better than anyone. Technogym mentions, “Technogym Run offers simplicity and convenience, ideal for creating your personal workout haven – what we fondly refer to as the ‘pain cave.’ This solution caters specifically to the home environment. In fact, we provide four distinct solutions tailored for home settings.”

In a conversation with our design experts, the spotlight shone on the new Technogym treadmill as they meticulously examined its design and innovative features leaving us all sweating—with excitement!

The Review Crew

From left to right: Bruno Guélaff, Design Director & Managing Partner, BG Group; Hannes Werner, Architect – Partner, WWF

The Striking Design of Technogym Run

Technogym Run effortlessly captures attention with a robust profile and 27” Live Console. The equipment’s aesthetic is more than just skin deep; it complements any interior, creating a harmonious blend of form and function. The high-resolution 27-inch touch display beckons you with crisp visuals. The voice of your trainer resonates through the immersive 30W sound system, pushing you to give your all and leave nothing behind. Despite its remarkable capabilities, the treadmill’s compact footprint ensures it doesn’t dominate your space –but enhances it.

“We’ve always studied biomechanics to provide you with the safest and most effective movement backed by science, by our experience, and by the most innovative digital technology. We have created a totally customizable training experience to motivate you to reach your goals, overcome obstacles, and become the best version of you all. This is what we call precision training,” claims Technogym.

The equipment also caters to users’ physical needs, including their choice of footwear. Depending on the workout mode – be it running or resistance training – users are encouraged to wear appropriate shoes. Whether you’re a sneakerhead or a kicks connoisseur, the Technogym Treadmill rolls out the carpet for your shoes of choice.

Hannes: Aesthetics play a significant role in how the machine integrates into various spaces. While some clients might prioritise the brand and luxury feel, others consider the overall aesthetics of their environment. 

Bruno: It’s a luxury product rooted in both form and function. The collaboration with designers and attention to styling has elevated its status. It’s iconic and recognized, like the Apple of gym equipment.

Netflix, Tread, and Chill

Remember the days when treadmill workouts meant staring at a blank wall? Those days are long gone. No longer are you confined to solitary runs. With the ability to connect, interact, and even share experiences, your workout becomes an engaging social affair. Technogym Run effortlessly transforms your exercise time into prime entertainment time, making the minutes fly by faster. Now, you can catch up on the latest episode of your favourite show while conquering your cardio goals. Stream your favourite Netflix series, TV shows, Spotify playlists or YouTube channels with Technogym Run.

Hannes: Back in the day, you were just there on the treadmill. That’s it. Now, there’s a TV screen integrated, providing a more interactive experience. You’re no longer confined to the machine; you’re directed to the TV screen, creating a more engaging workout environment.

Bruno: With the Bluetooth setup now, you can even take calls or do whatever you want while using the machine. But what I find most interesting is that time seems to fly by when you’re watching something, like a Netflix series. Even when you don’t want to run alone, having a digital coach or having some kind of a program of walking through it keeps you entertained. Just think about how airlines use screens to keep passengers entertained during long flights – Technogym Run brings that same level of engagement to your workout.

More Than a Run – Here Strength Takes Center Stage

Technogym Run doesn’t just champion cardio; it embraces strength as well. With its push mode, you’re not just running; you’re summoning the power of a sled loaded with up to 55 kg, sculpting your muscles, and honing your endurance.

Precision and performance go hand in hand. The Technogym Treadmill takes this synergy to heart—quite literally. Its integrated heart rate technology isn’t just a monitor; it’s a guide. The treadmill synchronises with your heart rhythm, ensuring that your effort aligns with your optimal heart rate zone. Whether you’re craving a heart-pounding sprint or a challenging incline, the treadmill adjusts effortlessly, enabling a workout that’s as efficient as it is exhilarating.

Hannes: It’s not only a running machine. It has features using which you can point to different gym activities. When we used it, it was really interesting to feel that grip. This is especially very important while running.

The Quietest Ever Treadmill

Peace and quiet often take a backseat to the pounding rhythm of exercise. However, Technogym’s innovative Slat Belt technology delivers a hushed workout experience unlike any other. Aptly dubbed the “Quietest Ever,” this treadmill’s sound-absorbing technology, combined with its high-quality materials, creates a workout experience that is absolutely noiseless. Gone are the days of tiptoeing around workout schedules to avoid disturbing others

Hannes: The silence of the machine is impressive too, a departure from the typical gym noises. It feels more connected and less disruptive.

Bruno: Absolutely, the quietness is a big plus. Gyms usually have a buzzing atmosphere, but this machine offers a more serene experience.

The Best Running Experience

It’s not just about running; it’s about feeling lighter, faster, and more in tune with your body. The Technogym Slat Belt technology, with its reactive surface, responds to your stride, offering the perfect blend of support and energy feedback. Not to mention the push mode that lets you replicate sled training, adding a dynamic layer to your workout routine.

One of the standout features of the Technogym treadmill is its ability to provide real-time feedback. The treadmill’s indicators change colour to provide users with immediate information on their progress. Blinking red when your workout is near its finish, a steady green light that signals the start, and nuanced indicators in between—these lights act as your personal fitness coach. It’s a blend of technology, innovation, and, dare we say, art.

Highlighting the treadmill’s capabilities, Technogym explains, “When you’re walking and exerting force, the machine responds; when you cease, it halts. This enhances the workout’s effectiveness. Or if you choose to switch exercises, such as moving to the floor, the machine’s performance adjusts to suit your preference.”

Your Pulse, Your Guide

The Technogym experience doesn’t end when your workout does—it’s a continuum. The Technogym ecosystem envelops you with apps, websites, and a global community that supports your aspirations. Track your progress, create personalised routines, and connect with fellow enthusiasts who share your passion. It’s a world where fitness is more than a routine; it’s a lifestyle enriched by a thriving community.

Bid farewell to the days of uninspired workouts with Technogym Run.

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12 September, 2023

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