In Review: Rockfon Mono Acoustic

With a promise to reshape the way we think about sound control in our spaces, Rockfon Mono Acoustic makes “hush” a reality. In a discussion with team Rockfon, Razan Najee, Interior Designer, National Engineering Bureau, and Avinash Kumar, the Executive Director of Acoustic Excellence at Godwin Austen Johnson, discovered how acoustics can be seamless and super-competent…
Location Courtesy: Interface Showroom, D3 & Al Namariq Building Materials Trading, Sharjah

Increasingly, the quality of acoustics in interiors is being directly linked to well-being. Awareness about acoustic treatment is soaring.Yet, there still exist scenarios where acoustics are thought of after project completion. It is a conundrum. What is preventing acoustics from becoming a hard-line priority?

Commonly acoustic elements have the reputation of an eyesore. If not an eyesore, these products are incongruous with the surroundings and stand out. In either case, it thwarts the original design.

But what if we told you the cost of superior acoustics doesn’t have to mean compromising on aesthetics? What if there was a product with effortless integration?

In the genre of acoustics, craftsmanship and ease of installation can make or break a product. Rockfon Mono Acoustic has not only altered the way one perceives installation but also transformed the way it is executed and inspected. In addition, the range provides a wide range of customization options, from colour palettes and shapes to sizes and patterns. The product finds its applications in both ceilings and walls.

The Review Crew

From left to right: Avinash Kumar, Executive Director, Godwin Austen Johnson; Razan Najee, Interior Designer, National Engineering Bureau

A Perfect Marriage of Form and Function

At first glance, Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic impresses with its refined, monolithic surface. Its clean, elegant finish offers outstanding acoustic comfort and fire protection. What truly sets it apart is its remarkable versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. These panels also offer the possibility to customise sizes and shapes based on project requirements. This modular ceiling system provides flexibility in edge options, including rectangular and square edges, with the option to create concealed or recessed edges. Special transition profiles are also available for unique angles, allowing designers to add those quirky elements they love so much without much deliberation.

Razan: The product range is versatile and can be used in various spaces like offices and schools. It’s straightforward and easy to apply. The panels offer an incredibly neat look while seamlessly integrating into various projects. It’s flexible, accommodating grids for lights and electrical systems. It’s simple and efficient.

Avinash: We appreciate the product’s simplicity and performance. It’s user-friendly and can even be used for retrofitting. The product’s adaptability ensures that it can fit into various design criteria seamlessly. It can take different forms and shapes easily. They are ideal for commercial spaces and schools. Even for offices, it outperforms open ceilings. It could also work for residential spaces and common areas.

Razan: It can serve as a standout element in spaces, like creating meeting areas in schools or utilising wide corridors for educational purposes. The versatility makes it suitable for multipurpose spaces, providing residents with a work-from-home environment. It’s a great fit for schools, commercial offices, and this year’s trend of spaces that offer both visibility and privacy.

Installation Made Easy

Unlike traditional acoustic systems that are time-consuming and have a messy installation, Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic TE panels offer a streamlined, hassle-free solution. These 1200mm x 1800mm x 40mm stone wool panels are gracefully suspended with Chicago Metallic drywall suspension in 1200mm x 600mm modules. This proprietary installation method ensures quick completion of the project site without the need for drilling, extensive framework, or complicated suspension systems.

Efficiency and speed are key in the construction and renovation industry. Rockfon Mono Acoustic TE panels offer both. Certified installers can complete installations swiftly, sometimes even within just eight hours. Its hydrophobic properties further ensure longevity, safeguarding against potential leaks that could mar other installations.

Avinash: One notable feature is its ease of installation. Compared to other products, it’s quicker to install and maintain. Training is readily available, and it’s not overly complex.

Razan: Fast installation is definitely a plus. The panels are user-friendly; anyone can work with them with proper training.

Sustainability Overrules

Comprising 100% recyclable materials, it embodies the principles of circular economy thinking and has incredibly low emission levels. It is designed to have a minimal impact on indoor air quality. Its Cradle-to-Cradle certification reinforces its commitment to environmental responsibility, making it an excellent choice for projects seeking sustainable design solutions.

Razan: Sustainability is becoming a significant consideration for clients. It becomes a major selling point that the product is 100% recyclable and is certified. Clients are increasingly conscious of the environment, which makes specifying such a product easier. They understand the long-term benefits, even if it involves a slightly higher upfront cost. We design with the future in mind, considering the product’s longevity. With the UAE hosting COP 28, sustainability is in the spotlight.

Avinash: Many clients are looking for certification, and this product ticks all the boxes in that regard. Many regulatory authorities are also emphasising sustainability requirements. We need to align with these initiatives, no matter how small our contribution may be. Clients are increasingly adopting a life-cycle cost approach, and this product fits perfectly into that framework.

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