Pasta Perfect: What was the first Design & Beyond at the Kohler Signature Showroom like

Kohlre Signature Showroom

Design is omnipresent, and inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere. Understanding this well, Kohler, with Love That Design’s involvement, is unveiling their spanking new space at Dubai’s bustling Sheikh Zayed Road in a novel way. Termed ‘Design & Beyond’, the event will have four parts, each complete with a themed fun-filled activity that will proffer exclusively invited design firms to get the full-fledged Kohler Signature Showroom experience. With designers relaxed, but in a creative environment nonetheless, ideas might become the uninvited yet most welcome guests at the venue. 

For its first installment on 13th September 2022, Kohler arranged for a pasta-making session with Chef Donna Patrizia. In the evening, as the clock struck five, designers from Kristina Zanic Consultants, Swiss Bureau Interior Design, RSP Architects and KCA International began trickling inside the Kohler Signature Showroom. One by one, the wide-eyed visitors took in the luxurious space. From the wooden arches to the neutral flooring contrasting with Kohler’s bold products on display, every detail played a part in making the evening starry. A few took a closer look at the pristine finishes, and others rejoiced upon witnessing the playful functions of the faucets.

As they toured the Kohler Signature Showroom, Chef Donna Patrizia beamed at them behind the kitchen counter. Meticulous as they come, she had made sure the dough was just right – neither too soft nor too unyielding. A woven basket containing dough molded into twisty forms, one shaped like a sailor’s hat with a triangular trim in particular, was a testament to her artistry. 

As she proudly showed off the three colours of flour she had, yellow, green and red, none artificially coloured, she wrinkled her nose and said, “Those (the artificially coloured ones) are not good. They affect the quality.” Before we could question her further, her attention was pulled to her awaiting pupils.

Kohler Signature Showroom

In groups of five, designers gathered around the kitchen island as the chef patiently explained the process of shaping Campanelle and Casarecce pasta. Adorned in an all-black attire and red paisley scarf turned into a headband, Chef Donna had the aura of an experienced Italian chef down to the tee as she guided the designers to handle the roller blade and pinch the dough with the correct pressure. Through it all, Kohler’s faucets and sinks gave her and the budding pasta makers a seamless experience.

Later on, all the freshly baked pasta was put in a bowl, mixed with red sauce and served to everyone present. With finger food and Lyres mocktails doing rounds, the designers left the premise around 7 p.m., smiling with tantalized taste buds.

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