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KCA International


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235, 2nd Floor, B Block, Al Shafar Investment Building, 3rd Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Road
United Arab Emirates

KCA are akin to innovative ideas and see themselves as a trend setter rather than a follower. However to achieve these levels of design excellence, the teamwork between KCA, the Client and other Consultants is imperative. Their role is to carry the baton from the external vision to the interior and serve as a collaborator to achieve goals that are set from the beginning of the project. KCA works truly internationally and is equally at home providing design services from Dubai to Durban, or from London to Tokyo. They have established systems and methodologies to provide documentation which works in all corners of the globe. As they do not believe in imposing a 'house style' on clients, no two projects are the same and unlike many practices are not 'cookie cutters'. Whilst a contemporary solution may be their personal preference, they recognise the importance of achieving a solution that is appropriate to the needs and preferences of the client. This has over a period of time on different projects, led to the development of a wide range of design solutions from ultra modern to classical, the only common elements being that they were practical, efficient and economical solutions to the design problems, and the belief that these solutions were appropriate to the brief, the particular interior spaces, the end users and to the client. KCA International has worked on a variety of projects. All 4 offices have Design Director(s) and Associates with enormous experience in the field of interior design and interior architecture, all of them having worked internationally across the globe. This has led to in-depth understanding of specific buildings and their specific operational requirements. In particular, much of their expertise and creativity has been sought by international hotel groups.