Love That Design Hands First Interior Design Excellence Certificate to Heriot-Watt Student

Love That Design has always been a platform that supports the growth of upcoming talent. The brand has worked hard to tie in with Sustainability platforms as well as the education sector, two directives that are key to the brand’s ethos.


Today, LoveInterior Design at Heriot-Watt University, for Student of the Year. Krisanne Gonsalves’ thesis work focused on a schizophrenia rehabilitation centre named ‘kensho’. Awarding the certificate was Diane Thorsen, Design Director at Gensler, an expert in her field and a veritable name in the regional A&D industry.

This appreciation of excellence was an honour for both, the students of Heriot-Watt, and for Love That Design, as one of the latter’s agendas is to highlight and promote emerging talent, and help pave the way to a better, sustainable future for the regional design community.

After the ceremony, designer Diane Thorsen (Gensler) and Love That Design had the privilege of a tour of the university’s stunning new campus in Knowledge Village, and an in-depth look at their interior and fashion design studios. View Heriot-Watt University, Dubai Knowledge Village.