Heriot-Watt University, Dubai Knowledge Village

Knowledge Village, Dubai , United Arab Emirates

About the project

Heriot-Watt University’s brand new campus at Dubai Knowledge Village is ultramodern and high-tech, and boasts state-of-the-art facilities. While traditional universities have buildings and structures spread across large acres of grounds, the new Dubai campus echoes a vibrant and exciting look and feel. It’s a vertically stacked campus where floors are divided by the key themes and functions of the Heriot-Watt brand rather than who owns it.

Classrooms on campus have been designed to be interactive. Rather than traditional lecture theatres, the campus houses collaborative lecture theatres, which offer booth style seating to encourage small group discussions and group challenges at appropriate points, pod rooms that are designed to offer group based learning and the sharing of learning between teachers and peers via interconnected PCs and screens, and teaching and seminar rooms which have been designed as flexible spaces for a range of classroom learning and teaching activities.

The campus has an array of common areas where students have access to essential services and amenities, including a dedicated student council hub, social learning spaces for independent and group study, an engaging library stocked with both, physical books and online resources, and a ‘maths gym’ for math support, in addition to the central Student Services Centre for student administration. The building also features a multipurpose venue, aptly named the Town Hall, with a cafeteria and auditorium-style seating suitable for hosting open days, presentations, and other interactive events.

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