We spend 84% of our time in indoor spaces every day – reason enough to make them beautiful and pleasant – Green walls improve the feeling of space, reduce the noise level and create a natural, pleasant ambience.

The Inspiration

We design and construct innovative, beautiful pieces that will grace any living space or public area. In everything we do, we strive for originality, for luxury and above all for quality.

We rely on natural materials that have been carefully farmed and harvested by hand and made naturally sustainable using glycerin and food coloring - Natural green with no care. We work with you to create the furniture of your dreams and as a result, what we create is not just the end product, but the emotions you experience while living with it.

What’s New

Latest News on styleGREEN:

The styleGREEN Online Consultant

styleGREEN has introduced a new online feature - your own online configurator. Whether you are a fan of native woodlands or wild jungles - we are certain that you will find the perfect piece of nature for your rooms.

Natural, green moss walls or plant walls as vertical gardens

Treat yourself to your daily green break. Take a breath now. Leave the hectic pace and stress behind you. And immerse yourself in nature with us. We at styleGREEN have a vision: to bring more green back into the cities.

The styleGREEN sound pictures

You love exceptionally good sound, but a speaker does not fit in your space concept? We have the solution! Together with WHD we have developed a loudspeaker that is virtually invisible and, thanks to its wall mounting, fits into even the smallest room. As a result, our plant and moss pictures no longer only look good, but also sound extremely good.

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