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The styleGREEN Online Consultant

styleGREEN has introduced a new online feature - your own online configurator. Whether you are a fan of native woodlands or wild jungles - we are certain that you will find the perfect piece of nature for your rooms.

Natural, green moss walls or plant walls as vertical gardens

Treat yourself to your daily green break. Take a breath now. Leave the hectic pace and stress behind you. And immerse yourself in nature with us. We at styleGREEN have a vision: to bring more green back into the cities.

The styleGREEN sound pictures

You love exceptionally good sound, but a speaker does not fit in your space concept? We have the solution! Together with WHD we have developed a loudspeaker that is virtually invisible and, thanks to its wall mounting, fits into even the smallest room. As a result, our plant and ...




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Our story began several years before the idea of ​​green art that requires no care. At that time, Niklas had a job as a working student at a start-up, which wanted to bring the French brand FlowerBox to the German market. In 2014, Lukas and Niklas took over the company and its business with real plants for walls. Later the two driven entrepreneurs purchased the licensing business to devote themselves fully to the expansion of styleGREEN.

Today, the styleGREEN’s focus is on green design objects made from genuine, care-free and naturally preserved plants and mosses that are sold internationally.

Since 2012, we have been producing vertical wall greenery from genuine, naturally preserved plants and mosses. Everything is manufactured by hand in a small manufactory just outside of Munich and in Porto, Portugal, and then sold internationally.

styleGREEN offers standardized plant pictures in pre-determined sizes, while the styleGREEN INDIVIDUAL division covers project-based business with custom-made plant walls.

In our work for you, we place great value on high quality, fair payment in the value chain, sustainable products as well as passion and attention to detail.

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Mriganka Travasso

Creative Director at The Total Office Partner at styleGREEN Founder at Plumsheep and Design Director at Surge.

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