Lounge and Guest Areas

Offices don’t have to be all work and no play. Everyone needs the occasional break. Whether it’s to rest, socialize, or simply recharge, it’s important to have spaces that provide a temporary respite from work. That’s where lounges come in. And not just for employees or teammates, but guests too. Creating a great guest experience goes a long toward showcasing your company culture and how it treats people, no matter who they work for. 


These modular sofas from Giorgetti are bound to make anyone feel at home. The internal structure of the armrests and backrests is in multilayer wood, while the external one is in polyurethane foam and polyester fibre. The seat is equipped with elastic bands to increase comfort.

Baswa Natural

Sound levels are as important as the aesthetics in the lounge space. BASWA Natural and its pre-coating of recycled glass granules combine ecological properties with excellent sound absorption to deliver a great acoustic experience. It’s made of natural fibres and provides an even more environmentally friendly option with all the acoustic benefits and finish options of other collections. 

MyFlow Lounge L

This stylish chair provides its users with privacy to take a break, focus, or just chill. It combines nicely with MyFlow sofas forming unique and stylish seating concepts. Well-made upholstery makes the chair comfortable and appealing.


If you’re looking to take it up a notch and turn your space into a high-end hotel lobby-like setting, then Nightbloom is a great product to start with. Created by Lladró in collaboration with the Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, these delicate petals that seem to sway in the breeze inspire unique and innovative pieces.

Freestanding Walls

This multifunctional space divider combines various features of bringing biophilia in, while supporting the acoustics within a space and amplifying the design aesthetics. They can be customized to different greening types and sizes. Most screens are 2 dimensional yet these have 3D textures, mixing volume and life. ​​It’s stand out feature is a combination of natural materials – plants and woods – to industrial metal that fits the contemporary design styles of today.


Belgian flooring manufacturer Modulyss honors its heritage with an aethetics reference to the river Leie. It’s pattern gives inspiration to the Haze carpets – This mysterious yet graceful fog, a shape in constant change, is mimicked in the pattern of Haze.

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