Out of the box: Accents to accelerate interiors

With the evolution of commercial spaces, the focus has shifted to accents that create innovative interior layouts, along with providing a welcoming aura. Decor elements and unique accents, on the other hand, can be tricky pieces to add to spaces. Always remember that they not only catch and intrigue your eyes but also determine the atmosphere of a business, giving the brand a unique identity. To help you make the right choice in harmonising the entire area, we give you 10 accents that will leave a long-lasting impression on visitors and tempt onlookers to come in.

A staple of interior decor, Floor lamps are a  subtle way of lifting up spaces without cluttering the lights over your head. The fascinating  Moonsetter by Louis Poulsen is a unique sculptural floor lamp in chrome-plated aluminium that has a rotating disc, allowing customisation. The reflection of this glare-free light emitted by the LED light source is elegantly submerged in one frame. For the best of both worlds, the disc rotates 360° around its axis and is white on one side and reflective on the other. For various expressions, the light becomes soft and diffuse when towards the white side, whereas the opposite chrome side reflects the light panel directly for a completely different expression. The whole disc is surrounded by a classic mirror piece. The lamp further offers stepless dimming and is turned on and off by the rotating footswitch on the cylinder. These can be widely used in retail spaces, display stores, office break areas and lounge areas.

Inspired by the future scope of commercial designs, the sustainable Dekton by Cosentino Kraftizen is created with durable surfaces that can be used to clad floors, walls, tables, and countertops of commercial spaces like restaurants, offices, displays, showrooms and more. Cladding for commercial spaces is supposed to be durable, long-lasting and less maintenance as they are durable to wear and tear, making Dekton the perfect choice. The collection also stimulates all five senses through textures and volumes, silky and extra matte colours. They even offset 100% of their Carbon dioxide, making them the only cradle-to-grave carbon-neutral surface on the market.

Bathrooms play a vital role in homes and commercial spaces. From the outside, it may seem that all the bathrooms save the same purposes, but on the inside, bathrooms determine the quality of your commercial brand. They act as a make-or-break point for repetitive guests. Hence, the new Reysipur – HPL Compact by Polyrey is an anti-bacterial, waterproof and self-supporting product (≥ 8mm) allowing the creation of fittings for all washroom areas (changing rooms, shower cubicles, toilets, and locker rooms). These can be widely used in commercial spaces such as sports complexes, hospitals, retail washrooms, malls, locker rooms in schools and more. They can also be applied in cubicles, wall cladding and partitions, vanity units, lockers etc. Reyispur not only provides a soothing stylish finish but also makes commercial bathrooms safer to use in high-footfall areas.

Commercially, glass plays a mindful game by inviting the outdoors in. Thus for a decluttered effect, the Mirage incorporates Skyfold technology with the added luxury of transparency. With properties like clean lines, lightweight structure, a wide range of glass and plexiglass panels, high-efficiency acoustic seams, and ease of maintenance making, Mirage is the perfect solution for bright, sophisticated and welcoming spaces. 

But Skyfold Mirage isn’t just for obscure spaces. When sub-dividing a space, this glass partition, with an STC of 33 (RW 33) and finish options like frosted glass, create rooms that still feel airy and connected, but that are private enough for meetings, collaboration, classes, autonomous work, and so on. Giving your commercial space a striking look, this product can be embedded in office rooms, meeting units, cabins, retail spaces, restaurants, partitions and even semi-private seatings in hotels.

Spaces such as hotels, hospitals, offices, large corridors, conference rooms, senior living facilities etc require wallpapers to accentuate their interiors. Regular wallpapers are surely not built to sustain the wear and tear of a bustling commercial space. Thus, Wallcoverings by Kriskadecor has created wallpapers that hold a technical solution for each commercial space without any shape limits, including customized images and designs. The material’s lightweight properties enable chains to be hung in long “waterfalls” that descend through tall lobby spaces or stairwells. Furthermore, Chains and fixing options are made from 99 per cent aluminium and chain links comprise 20 per cent recycled material.

Used as a great source of interaction and learning, Whiteboards create an interactive corner in commercial spaces such as children’s hospitals, office boards, schools and even play areas. To help you install this accent in your space, The revolutionary Crayola by Idea Paint is not only easy to install, environmentally friendly, dry-erase (whiteboard) paint but also creates a high-performance surface for hassle-free use. The best part about this product is that you can over any colour of latex paint or any smooth surface (ie. drywall, wood, chalkboards, whiteboards, glass, laminate, metal, furniture, etc.). 

On a sustainability note, the paint is low VOC and is free from isocyanates, formaldehyde, organotins, and CMRs (carcinogenic, mutagenic, and reprotoxic substances).

Looking to upgrade flooring? give your interiors an elevated carpet finish by adding MANUFAKTUR’s collection by Object Carpet. This product has stood for quality, design and innovation in commercial property for years. Their carpets bring in a sense of aesthetics and colour, in combination with advanced production techniques, resulting in high-grade and extraordinary designs in the form of broadloom, carpet tiles and custom-cut carpets (RUGX). No matter if it’s an office, a mall, or even a hospital, the collection has over 1,000 styles and colours as well as individually-customised products. All their products are manufactured from high-quality raw materials, are free from harmful emissions and are bitumen-free, latex-free, and PVC-free. 

Looking for a voluminous visual impact in your commercial space? Then Seasons by Lladro has got you covered. This new series strengthens Lladró’s crafted with porcelain. The handcrafted process of this product is always at the forefront of design, integrating art and innovation, emotion and beauty. They even have 3 Color versions: Sunrise, Fall and Winter to match the mood of the commercial lobby, mall entrances, or even a boutique entrance. You can even select the height according to the design preference of 70cm, 100cm 140cm and 150cm. They come in oval, ceiling lamps and chandelier forms.

Modern office designs are often in search of an eye-catching office accent. Shade in opal UV-stable polyethene, Fisherman pendant by Zero Lighting. This stunning collection has a handmade net in white, orange, blue or natural colour. Leaving a sense of warmth and modernity in an office, these lighting solutions will certainly leave a lasting impression on your commercial spaces such as cafeterias, break zones, restaurants and office spaces.

The trend of Biophilic design in commercial hubs has now been picking up more than ever. To cater to the same, Canvas by styleGREEN beautifully lays out as a Canvas which is a fully customizable green wall that fits the space. Made with unique plant and moss composition, the product is made 100%. These walls can be used to create luscious green walls and corners in office spaces, malls, hospitals, retail stores, schools etc.

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