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Are you looking to turn your walls into a multi-purpose collaboration space? Look no further!

IdeaPaint MAG

IdeaPaint MAG Wallcovering is an easy to install, environmentally friendly, magnetic, dry erase wallcovering.


Idea Paint


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IdeaPaint exists to inspire and encourage everyone, every day to reach their creative and productive potential. IdeaPaint’s signature product, a high-performing dry erase paint, transforms virtually any smooth surface into an erasable canvas, giving people the space they need to fully explore their big ideas. The magic of IdeaPaint lies in its ability to transform passive space into active environments—to spur the collaborative spirit that lives within all of us, and accelerate ideation for better, faster results.

They are the creator of the high-performance dry erase paint category. It’s advanced chemistry, but profoundly low-tech. IdeaPaint has brought the human element back to more than 150,000 offices, schools and homes around the world by simply getting people on their feet, working together and exploring their creativity wherever ideas happen. Their company has been celebrated by The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Fast Company and CNBC as a tool that has a profound impact on the process, experience and outcome of bringing ideas to life.

IdeaPaint’s premium dry erase paint is available in a variety of formulas that cater to commercial, educational and residential customers, and is the gold standard for durability and performance. Their PULL system pairs their dry erase technology with powerful magnetic functionality, and Bounce is their first app, which is a leading digital collaboration tool.

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