Ingredients for a start-up workspace

Furniture is usually an afterthought when it comes to start-up planning. Sales, marketing, and production take up the bulk of capital and effort, while setting up a workspace becomes just another item on the check-list. It’s understandable, but not beyond compromise. It’s important to realize that workspace design is crucial to your small but mighty team’s productivity and wellness. Investing in the right products will go a long way towards your company’s success. 

We get it – planning and designing your workspace is a challenge when you have a limited budget and have other competing priorities. Within what is generally a small space, you need collaboration tools, focus zones, social spots, and of course, space for workstations. It’s hard to balance all of that while resisting the temptation to just install tables, chairs, a whiteboard, and call it a day. 

Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a list of six products to spark some inspiration. Not only do these work perfectly for your start-up needs, but are innovative products that offer a range of benefits.

Se:cube by Sedus


We’ve mentioned this in our previous post – meetings don’t need meeting rooms. This holds more weight when it comes to start-ups, who have to prioritize agile working to enable efficient and effective work. Sedus understands this, and with the se:cube offers a space to collaborate, focus, or simply do your best work. Se:cube offers everything a start-up needs – flexibility, focus, and a high return on investment; se:cube can be dismantled and moved with ease, even if you choose to move workspaces down the line.

Karman™ by Steelcase

Of course you know you need a task chair. But looking at the sheer number of task chairs you can possibly select from will make your head spin. So we decided to cut it down to the one chair we think fits the start-up culture perfectly – the Karman™ by Steelcase. Start-up culture involves agility, effectiveness, and delivering the most impact with the least amount of resources and time. That’s why Karman works so well here – it’s modern, sleek, and designed to deliver comfort and style with only one manual adjustment.

Zig Tables by KI

The tables and workbenches in your workstation determine not just the aesthetic theme but also the dynamic of the workspace. The configuration and placement are critical to ensuring people can work and communicate well. Resembling a Lynn Chadwick sculpture, it’s minimal and sleek design helps create environments that encourage collaboration and social interaction as and when needed.

ReForm Artworks Ecotrust by Ege

Carpets are a great way to add a splash of color to your workspace. Carpet tiles today offer so much in terms of aesthetic and function. Several aspects of biophilic design and wellness are also integrated into carpet tiles today. We recommend the ReForm Artworks Ecotrust for your carpet tiles – Ege offers the right blend of form and function with this design. It’s simplicity in design and installation means you can’t go wrong with this choice, taking away the stress of picking flooring.

Magnetic Primer by IdeaPaint

The Idea Paint mantra is all about making collaboration as easy and seamless as possible. Idea Paint’s innovative new product – Magnetic Primer – adds on to their original and highly popular Create dry-erase paint. Not only can you convert any non-porous surface into a writable one, but can also use magnetic to hang items on it. It’s definitely among our favorites when it comes to collaboration. The best part is that they are sold in DIY kits that can be applied easily and saves cost on installation.

Freestanding Walls by styleGREEN

Want a product that gives you acoustic comfort, biophilic elements, and privacy in one? styleGREEN has you sorted. Their Freestanding walls finds its spot on our list with ease due to its versatility and range of benefits. The multifunctional space divider combines various features of bringing biophilia in, and supports the acoustics within a space while adding to the aesthetic value. They can be customized with logos as well, adding in branding and character to your workspace.

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