Everything in Blue: Furniture

Feature Image: Bun Burgers Restaurant, Turin by Masquespacio; Photograph by: Gregory Abbate

If it were up to Homer, blue would have been called wine-red because that’s how the sea looked to him! The genesis of our understanding of ‘blue’ traces back to the ancient Egyptians, innovators who crafted a synthetic blue by blending silica, copper, lime, and alkali. Through epochs and cultures, blue has stood for many things, from royalty in Europe to independence in India. It also symbolises calm, depth, trust, wisdom, and more. Its versatility finds a harmonious nexus in design, embodying a timeless elegance that resonates across styles and eras. If that intrigues you, here are a few stunning blue furniture pieces you could start with.

As practical as it can get.

Bisley, a multifunctional marvel, integrates as a room divider, storage, and stowage solution in one vibrant blue statement. A mix of tradition and modernity, it offers 360-degree accessibility and practical functionality for ease of use. Customise Bisley with various finishes and creative back panels to define zones and enhance texture. Choose the blue that suits your design theme from Bisley, Azure, Doulton, Oxford and Prussian or other attractive colours.

One system that does it all.

HUB lets you compose a new-age workspace in a hundred ways with a furniture system that embraces diversity. HUB offers a range of screens, pods, partitions (mobile and stationary), chairs, sofas (including L-shaped options), benches (with or without storage), side tables and a swing, all designed by Interstuhl for optimal comfort and functionality. All of these can be used individually or together with unparalleled flexibility. Take your pick from different swivel bases, seat shells, upholstery options and colours, including a bright blue.

Find your possibility.

Sys is a modular sofa that can be configured as you please. It fits perfectly into various contexts. It combines modernity with minimalism effortlessly, featuring a painted steel frame, fire-retardant foam seats, and natural wood tables. Customise it with different shades of blue for the upholstery or all in the same shade for a cohesive look, and complement it with bold and metallic patterns to create a visual impact.

Unexpectedly tectonic.

With a name inspired by the geographical fissures caused by the Earth’s surface, Rift is a groundbreaking armchair composed of asymmetrical and unpredictable geometric shapes. Its multiple layers of soft foam seating blend formality with fluidity and sophistication with playfulness. Infuse character into any space with a touch of blue using Rift, or explore the diverse colour options available.

Support, comfort, wow.

Orly, a reclined lounge chair, exudes a refined aesthetic with its handmade frame and expressed joints. It offers a perfect balance of support and comfort, featuring seat and back cushions fixed into the side frames with a separate upholstered panel that seamlessly integrates with the timber frame on the chair back. Available in oak-stained, walnut, beech, black, and dark distressed oak frame options, Orly provides a range of blues and other colours to choose from for the seats and cushions.

Simplicity at its best.

The simple metal tube of Cristy meets its seat and back fabric to create an uber-comfortable and ultra-modern armchair. Its backrest feels like an embrace, and its visually charming structure offers solace. Cristy creates infinite possibilities with different paint and covering options. A blue and brown combination would work well if you are working with a classic theme. Go for blue-grey for sophistication, blue-gold for avant-garde or blue-yellow for contemporary.

A splash of well-being.

A monolito built to bring warmth to any space, nuvola comes in different configurations with chrome or wooden legs or a swivel column base. Choose your shade of blue from the upholstery options, and add a small adjustable table to the composition if you’d like. You can complement Nuvola by incorporating textured throws or cushions in earthy tones like terracotta or mustard, adding depth and contrast to the blue upholstery while maintaining a cosy ambience.

In-tuitive and out-standing.

Designed as an ergonomic and simple sitting and standing desk, Follow Me is a trendsetter with Mara’s innovative patented ‘no-gravity’ system that requires no electricity or gas pumps. Its tilted top and practical castors ensure easy mobility, while its foldable design optimises space, making it ideal for compact areas. Create minimalist, smart and agile workspaces with this height-adjustable, quiet-to-operate desk. Additionally, integrating plants or natural elements near the desk with a blue top can add a touch of freshness and visual interest.

Clever and dynamic.

Featuring a striking midnight blue frame surface, this swivel chair seamlessly combines elegance and ergonomics. Its automatic weight adjustment ensures dynamic comfort, while closed armrests and springy ray mesh covering add to its allure. The chair’s fluid lines exude sophistication, elevating any space. Customise with your preferred blue-focused design, or opt for the timeless appeal of midnight blue.

For some quiet and some pop.

Clubhouse introduces a futuristic approach to shared workspaces with its flexible acoustic chamfered frames and glass panels in captivating shades of blue. This sleek and contemporary design seamlessly integrates into diverse settings to create individual phone booths, tech-integrated meeting areas, etc. with endless possibilities. Consider using shades of blue that promote calmness and focus, such as azure or sapphire, in areas dedicated to concentration and creativity. 

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