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Interstuhl helps to improve everyday working life by creating high quality seating solutions made in Germany. With our products we offer suitable solutions for various areas in the office such as arriving, working, communicating and regenerating.

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We aim to ensure that our high-performing seating solutions not only protect the health and vitality of people who remain seated for prolonged periods, but also to do all we can to make sitting on an Interstuhl chair an unalloyed pleasure.

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An excellent design always makes a statement, especially when it comes to the high-quality equipment of offices. But a well-designed office chair not only has a huge influence on the outer perception of a company. It also leads to valuable internal effects in the interests of the staff. As people now spend more time at their workplace – and thus on their office chair – the requirement for the perfect interaction of shape, function and material is high. An excellent design is by now not only a matter of the visual appearance of an office chair, but it must also be well-designed.

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