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Feature Image: Modern Solutions Headquarters, Zurich by Ippolito Fleitz Group; Photograph courtesy: Philip Kottlorz
Product in Frame: pads from Brunner

Who said workspaces have to be uninteresting? Today’s offices blend functionality with aesthetics, ensuring a visually captivating, comfortable, and user-friendly environment. One of the easiest ways to do that is through a design narrative that simultaneously offers visual allure, comfort, and ease of use. The trend is to design ‘offices of tomorrow’, and we are here to help you do so. Here goes.

Plush, portable, posh.

Inspired by the infinite possibilities of vibrant balloon art, this seating collection has different modules, allowing you to create your own composition. Following the principles of organic geometry, this inviting design effortlessly adapts to the distinctive requirements and preferences of any workspace, swiftly earning its place as a crowd favourite. This soft-seating marvel comes with a spectrum of customisation with ten colours and various fabrics to suit diverse aesthetic preferences.

Now meetings don’t have to be boring!

Imagine a chair that not only cradles you in unparalleled comfort with its high-quality upholstery but also adds a touch of homely warmth to those marathon meetings. The innovative upholstery material, made from 50% recycled fibres, pampers you with its breathability and moisture regulation, ensuring a cool and collected seating experience. With various frame and upholstery options, this sustainable chair syncs best with minimalistic or contemporary design styles.

Not your usual lounge chair.

Allowing the luxury to lounge in a professional space in just the right way, Cardigan Lounge™ is a comfortable, form-fitting homage to a snug, knit cardigan and the warmth it brings. This chair can be easily disassembled and transported easily and is a milestone in Haworth’s sustainability commitment. It is sleek, lightweight, and modern, with 78 design options and glider customisation to let you do what you please.

Curved authority.

An ergonomic armchair that makes a statement, Nordic Executive is one of Milani’s four chairs in the Nordic collection. Boasting an impressive selection of over 250 finishes, the Nordic Executive effortlessly integrates into any design scheme you can dream up. Elevate the comfort level further by incorporating a synchronised tilt mechanism into the chair’s frame, ensuring a truly customised and comfortable experience. Complement it with tropical elements or use it as a statement piece for an eclectic design theme.

Zone-dividers, space-elevators.

These contemporary zone dividers from Bisley do more than just that. With open shelves that can be stacked up to three levels, they also make space to add elements like plants, baskets, collectibles or anything that you can imagine.Crafted from hand-welded steel tubing, they’re not just functional but also movable, allowing you to effortlessly create dynamic focus zones. Complete with sliders and lodges, these dividers are fully customizable, inviting you to curate a space that perfectly aligns with your preferences.

Redefining sit-stand workstations.

An award-winning sit-stand workstation, QuickStand surpasses competition with its stability and design. Its lightweight platform can align with the user’s comfort and move seamlessly to boost ergonomics. It transforms any fixed-height desk into an active one. It also offers a plug-and-play cable management system with weightless operation. QuickStand’s minimalistic style not only maximizes space but liberates designers to create without constraints.

Pod and pop.

Campers & Dens by Orangebox redefine the concept of pods, seamlessly blending openness with privacy and individuality with collaboration. These architectural marvels boast an internationally-patented opening roof system, adding an elegant touch to their functionality. Highly portable, they offer the flexibility to be repositioned on demand. With customizable options like whiteboards, integrated and freestanding seating and tabling, etc., these pods offer a perfect blend of style and adaptability.

Acoustic, amazing, adaptable.

Senator’s HideAway, a meticulously crafted meeting booth, redefines focus in the workplace. Featuring acoustic composite side panels and an aluminum glazing frame, it offers robust tranquility for tasks demanding concentration. The pod’s thoughtful design includes work shelves in various heights, a glazed glass door, and panels, elevating your workspace with a touch of the future. Tailor your HideAway with six frame and panel finishes, three side panel and work shelf finishes, and two carpet finishes.

Table your design doubts.

If you are looking for a cohesive element in your design, then your search ends here. With its innovative architectural concept featuring a central beam supporting sleek metal legs, it serves as a striking focal point. Its bevelled table top with a gently curved aluminium edge gives it a smooth look making it a sophisticated choice for conference rooms. Pair it with minimalist seating and an uncluttered decor to create an elegant ambience.

When good ole’ becomes great ole’.

Much like its name, LEMONis5  injects a refreshing twist into the classic club chair design. It is a multi-faceted chair that comes with flexible dynamics – it can be used at different heights and comfortably. The chair can also be fitted with a smooth responsive rocking mechanism to make things interesting. Opt for a timeless touch with the aluminum base variant for a classic look, or unleash your creativity by selecting the elegant wooden frame with a contrasting seat color for a playful and experimental vibe.

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