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Nuez Lounge Bio®, Red Dot Design Award 2021

The Nuez Lounge BIO® has recently been awarded a Red Dot prize for Product Design after convincing the 50-juror international panel of its excellence thanks to its sustainability and precise design, to mix the needs of a comfortable lounge chair to have the lowest environmental i...

Andreu World furnishes the Spanish Pavilion at World Exposition Dubai with sustainable design

Andreu World will furnish the Spanish Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020 with its products, becoming one of the Spanish presence’s main sponsors at the Universal Exhibition. For that purpose, Andreu World has designed a proposal that fits perfectly with the spirit of the Expo, as it inc...

Lake Collection: An evocation of the Mediterranean

It is possible to reinterpret the classics of a culture, to revisit them to bring them closer to current sensibility. The Mediterranean chair, aesthetically essential, had a braided rope seat and a wooden backrest.

Andreu World Presents The Circular Design® Challenge: A Transformative Initiative Towards A Circular Economy

Andreu World launched the Circular Design® Challenge, a call to the entire industry, under the slogan "Manufacturing a better world", at its showroom in Madrid within the framework of the Madrid Design Festival 2024. This challenge seeks to address the urgent need for a new visio...

Sustainable and Circular: Do You Accept the Challenge?

Sustainable and Circular: Do You Accept the Challenge?

Reduce. Recycle. Re-use. Andreu World are looking for sustainable designs for the circular economy that help them take care of the planet.

Great Interest in ORGATEC 2022 from Companies All Around the World

Great Interest in ORGATEC 2022 from Companies All Around the World   Following the enforced break caused by the pandemic, interest in face-to-face, professional dialogue at the highest international level is very strong. Almost 400 companies from a...


Andreu World


Showroom & Main office C/Los Sauces, 7, Urb. Olimar Chiva 46370

Andreu World works to create sustainable and innovative designs, providing durable furniture solutions that allow to enjoy the spaces that people utilize in a smart and healthy way.

With more than 65 years of a global trajectory, it is recognized as an international leader in furniture design and for its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and practices.  The organization sees its team of integrated and engaged professionals as an investment in ongoing R & D.

Andreu World has grown and evolved convinced that our philosophy, attention to detail, excellence and good design, is the fundamental guide to continue being who we are now and in the future.

At the core of Andreu World is wood, there is no other material as unique, warm and noble. Woodworking is a philosophy unto itself, it is a way of relating to the world.  Over time we have sought to maintain these qualities in all of our designs, regardless of the materials and technology employed.  Wood, in our work, is synonymous with the woodworker, we have retained the same expert hands that have learned their craft over years of experience.

Andreu World has evolved in tune with the times, offering the practical solutions and aesthetic that people around the world demand. We have achieved this thanks to a flexible but consistent philosophy. Flexible with regard to the needs of users in that we are constantly seeking to improve our work, and consistent to our values and respecting the tradition of the craftsmanship in equilibrium with the latest technology.  Maintaining quality in the details is the ultimate goal.

Year after year, we have become globalized without losing our local spirit. We are currently present in the most demanding markets in the world and we have a permanent presence in North America, Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. Our name, Andreu World, is a statement, expressing our philosophy and our international vocation. Each design examines all of its possibilities, constantly pushing us to improve comfort, finish and function. It is this active process with each of our products that allows for the intelligent use of our resources.

We depend on our resources to inform our entire working method, from obtaining  the raw materials all the way through to finishing. Through a continuous investment in advanced technology and infrastructure, as well as in the training of our team, we maintain and improve our processes. This in the only way we can only maintain our passion for well-made products.

Andreu World not only tries to optimize resources; we seek to reduce our environmental footprint in all aspects of the production process. We use wood from managed forests and reforested in accordance to the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, we have implemented strict policies for energy efficiency, waste recycling and research into new more sustainable materials. The sea, which plays a fundamental role in our culture and tradition, is the best example of that macrostructure that demands our attention and commitment. Our legacy goes beyond the material, a well-made product, is intimately connected to nature.

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