Instagram-worthy Interiors: How to achieve them

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There’s something about the irresistible pull of those Insta-worthy spaces – you know the ones that make you stop mid-scroll and think, “I need to be there!” Whether it’s a trendy hotel lobby, a vibrant coworking spot, or a quirky restaurant corner, these spaces become experiences waiting to be documented and shared.

What does it truly take for a space to be Instagrammable? Here, furniture emerges as the protagonist, donning roles as diverse as the stories they help tell. These products go beyond merely occupying a space; they emerge as the curator of themes. A mid-century modern sofa conjures a distinct vibe, contrasting with the aura evoked by a rustic farmhouse table. Each piece occupies its place while establishing the foundation for a one-of-a-kind visual journey.

But here’s the kicker – it’s not merely about aesthetics; it’s about fashioning an experience worth sharing. A plush sofa becomes the hero of cosy evenings, a sleek dining sets the backdrop for shared laughter, and an artfully chosen coffee table sets the stage for quiet contemplation.

Here is how to concoct those popular yet essential nooks:


In contemporary interiors, clean lines meet open spaces. Practicality takes the spotlight where furniture pieces reflect modern living. Here, furniture is characterized by demure silhouettes—clean lines that carve out a distinct identity.  Beyond aesthetics, contemporary furniture is inherently adaptable. It effortlessly navigates through diverse design schemes, blending with eclectic styles. The sleek profiles, the juxtaposition of materials, and the clever use of negative space in this theme render a photogenic quality to the space.

Crafting a modern and customizable workspace, INCLASS’ REVER Armchair by Mario Ruiz invites you to capture modern sophistication for both your office space and feed. With Bivaq’s Mood XL Modular Outdoor Sofa, transform your outdoor space into a chic modern oasis that’s ready for its close-up. ACTIU’s BEE Chair, with its stackable and slim design, remains innately contemporary making it an Instagram sensation in chic dining areas and modern offices alike.

First Column: REVER Armchair, INCLASS; Second Column: Mood XL Lounge, Bivaq; Third Column Bee Chair, ACTIU


Functionality is elevated to extravagance in the maximalist narrative. Furniture not only serves a purpose but becomes a focal point of indulgence. Each piece is a statement punctuating the grandeur of excess. Maximalist furniture is bold, unapologetic, and proud. It doesn’t shy away from grand scale and intricate detailing. The result is an interior landscape that’s vibrant and teeming with life.

If you envision a workspace that embodies ‘slow work’ and focus, Viccarbe’s oversized Funda Bold lounge chair by Stefan Diez can be your go-to. Embrace sustainability and comfort in one grand gesture. For an iconic office element that adapts to dynamic needs, choose Badminton by ACITU—a throne-like piece that encourages communication, concentration, and an active attitude.

Top: Funda Bold from Viccarbe
Bottom: Badminton from ACTIU

Modern Farmhouse & Organic Modernism

Modern Farmhouse furniture boasts charm in its rustic aesthetics. Weathered woods, reclaimed materials, and timeless designs pay homage to the simplicity of farmhouse living. These pieces create a welcoming atmosphere in contemporary homes, creating spaces that feel both lived-in and curated. Modern farmhouse furniture finds its place in various applications, from creating cosy living rooms and welcoming dining areas to enhancing home offices with rustic charm.

Consider Bivaq’s Teja Lounge Sofa‘s mix of wood, rope, and metal for a Modern Farmhouse hug, bringing Mediterranean warmth to your space. Go for ACTIU’s OWWI which has a simple and enveloping design with a distinctive W-shaped upholstery.

Top: Teja Lounge Sofa from Bivaq
Bottom: OWWI from ACTIU

Retro Revival

Individuals with a penchant for nostalgia and a love for mid-century design – retro revival is for you! With bold oranges, sunshine yellows, and avocado greens, retro palettes bring a burst of energy.  Mid-century designers embraced unconventional materials like plastic, moulded plywood, and metal, ushering in a fresh and contemporary aesthetic that departed from traditional craftsmanship. Playful patterns, from geometric shapes to bold florals, further amplify the vibrant personality of this movement.

Andreu World’s In Out Office can imbue a classic, timeless look in your workspace, seamlessly blending open and closed areas to evoke a sense of enduring sophistication. If you’re scouting for a stylish aesthetic in your collaboration space, choose Viccarbe’s Zoco Lounge Chair by Victor Carrasco to feel the chic vibe with its rounded silhouette and steel legs.

Top: Zoco Lounge Chair from Viccarbe
Bottom: In Out Office from Andreu World


Clean lines, functional beauty—what’s not to love about the Scandinavian style? Scandinavian interiors embody minimalist elegance, where less is more. Furniture becomes an extension of this philosophy, featuring clean lines, muted tones, and a focus on uncluttered spaces. The furniture choices celebrate natural materials like wood and stone. Cosy textures further heighten the soothing ambience inspired by the natural world.

Enhance your space with INCLASS NIM‘s sleek chairs and stools, capturing the essence of Scandinavian simplicity, and creating an effortlessly chic and picture-worthy atmosphere. Adorned in custom fabrics or showcasing the natural beauty of wood, the Solo Chair by Andreu World is also a great pick celebrating the Scandi spirit.

Top: Nim Chair from INCLASS
Bottom: Solo Chair from Andreu World

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