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An Office Like Home

Architecture and design focused marketing consultancy Amphora opened the doors to its Dubai office in the Kia Flagship Building on Sheikh Zayed Road. Designed to feel like home, the space is the vision of Amphora’s Founder Miriam Llano, brought to life by her partner, Portuguese ...

"Design Meets Industry" at the Madrid Design Festival 2024

The immersive installation "Design Meets Industry", which will be on display until 25 February at the Institución Libre de Enseñanza in Madrid, tells the story of the design and manufacturing process of the Meetia collection

MEDITERRANEAN ESSENCE by ACTIU - 4th Edition - Presented "Dine and Wine" Night

The latest edition of MEDITERRANEAN ESSENCE, a recurring event series by ACTIU that celebrates the rich culture of the Mediterranean, unfolded on January 17, 2023, in Dubai, UAE. Titled "Dine and Wine," this edition immersed attendees in a captivating experience of Spanish gastro...

Mediterranean Essence 3 - "The Creative Battle" Unveils a Sensory Masterpiece in Dubai

Mediterranean Essence 3 - "The Creative Battle" Unveils a Sensory Masterpiece in Dubai

Mediterranean Essence's by ACTIU - Second Edition - Presented "The Blind Cheese Tasting Night"

The second edition of MEDITERRANEAN ESSENCE, an event series that celebrated Mediterranean culture through gastronomy, art, and design, took place on May 16, 2023, in Dubai, UAE. Actiu, following its philosophy whereby it designs based on wellbeing and sustainability, continues w...

Mediterranean Essence's by Actiu - First Edition - Brings Together Design and Architecture Experts for Olive Oil Tasting

The first edition of MEDITERRANEAN ESSENCE, an event that celebrates Mediterranean culture through gastronomy, art and design, took place in the past, March 9, 2023.




B206, Building 04, 2nd Floor, Dubai Design District
United Arab Emirates

Actiu is a company specialized in furniture manufacturing for workspaces and contract, with an international presence recognised for its sustainable environmental initiatives, as well as efficient product solutions. As a leading company in Europe, with headquarters in Spain, it has an exclusive worldwide network of collaborators and distributors in more than 90 countries. The commitment to sustainability has led Actiu to achieve LEED PLATINUM certification for the energy efficiency and ecological footprint of the buildings involved in its production processes.

Actiu's mission is to reconceive furniture to set up more welcoming and productive workspaces. An original and creative business experience based in the Actiu Technology Park, created by the architect José María Tomás Llavador. The company's creations reach international markets, thanks to their unique character. These are not just office desks and workstations, but also instruments to give new impetus to professionalism and to achieve new goals.

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Middle East & India Regional Manager

Victor Raúl Manchado García

Middle East & India Regional Manager at ACTIU

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Dubai Showroom Manager

Diego Sánchez Serrano

Dubai Showroom Manager at ACTIU

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