Soft Seating for Offices

A workplace isn’t just about work—it’s also about well-being. Chairs are essential elements in creating a culture of comfort and productivity; they are a good place to begin with. In line with that thought, team Love That Design has curated armchairs and lounge chairs from renowned designers around the globe that offer plush, comfortable seating while enhancing the visual allure of the space.

Familiar yet a surprise.

Meetia is a collection of one, two, and three-seater sofas and benches tailored for durability and stability in bustling settings like workspaces. The collection has an oak or fabric exterior and a plush upholstered interior crafted using sustainable fabrics. Seamlessly blending minimalistic, contemporary, and industrial elements, Meetia offers a diverse range of finishes to suit diverse design preferences.

Iconic 2.0

The Fender Capsule Collection features sofas, armchairs, and lounge chairs designed to elicit awe, expanding Francesco Favaretto’s renowned Fender furniture line. Meticulously crafted with 20 distinct Kvadrat fabrics, this collection delivers exceptional comfort for office environments and introduces a vibrant burst of artistry and colour. Use it as a focal point of your design narrative and complement it with neutral-toned rugs and drapes.

Straight from pop culture.

The Bolete Lounge BIO modular sofas, with their designs, vibrant colours, and soft seating, have the power to inspire creativity, collaboration, and productivity in workspaces. Use one, or create unique and striking curved compositions with its ergonomic design. The collection provides a range of upholstery options, all following the circular economy principles. Its luxurious seat and BIO® Thermopolymer base are sure to stimulate engaging conversations.

Inviting warmth and awes.

Much like the eye-catching flower it is named after, Poppy is a cosy, comfortable, and modern chair that fits right in with flex workplaces.  This playful and expressive piece is ideal for use in meeting rooms, waiting lounges, or collaborative spaces, adding a touch of character with its fun colour palette. Designers can utilise Poppy for soft seating solutions in workspaces, choosing from a range of upholstery and base options to harmonise with their design vision.

Make heads turn.

The soft, enveloping lines and warm curves of the Mys armchair beckons one to sink in and relax.  Designed by Beatriz Sempere, this armchair is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a haven of comfort and style. Its comfortable, generous padding and light underlying frames are upholstered in a choice of leather, faux leather, or fabric. Mys is perfect for offering an escape within the workspace to rejuvenate the senses. Customise it to match any design theme.

Put the extra in the ordinary.

The Paloma Lounge collection embodies ergonomic excellence with its sculpted lines, meticulous stitch detail, and generous upholstery, guaranteeing unparalleled comfort for users. Inspired by and designed for meaningful relationships and functionalities in our everyday lives, these chairs boast a sculptural, embracing form that prioritises soft seating.

Comfort has a new definition.

Promoting instant relaxation when one sits on it, the Copa Lounge Chair’s silhouette is inspired by elegant crystal glass. Popular as a visitor’s chair in office spaces, its cosiness allows it to blend well into any space in an office setting. Configure from various bases and upholstery finishes with curated fabrics stocked in Spain. The Copa Lounge Chair is where productivity meets tranquillity.

Cradle away.

Designed with premium materials, the Rever Lounge Chair is a versatile piece that works great as the focal point of office space, enveloping it in timeless elegance. Its superlative comfort boosts concentration. Customise it to align with a design language you’d like to express—choose the colour of the base and the movement function or complement it with a matching ottoman

In the spotlight.

With slats enveloped by Canelleto walnut wood forming its base, Hero is what a hero does, but for office design. This low-back armchair has a plush polyurethane foam with built-in elastic bands that add a touch of bounce, while the removable cover lets you customise. You can choose a single-colour luxurious fabric or leather cover or a two-tone option with internal cushioning in fabric and external covering in leather. You can also select from three classic walnut wood finishes.

Shell chair, swell look.

se:lounge light is a versatile and ergonomic shell armchair designed for modern workspaces. Its two seat heights and three base variants make it adaptable to various settings, from shared offices to home offices or co-working spaces. The chair combines design and comfort with a PET felt seat shell, integrated lumbar support, and a sloped seat edge. Completely customisable with seat shell, upholstery, and frame colours, it ‘sits’ out with armrest wings that give it a suave lateral finish. You also have the option to upholster the backrest for additional comfort.

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