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MIDJ s.p.a. Via Madonna di Campagna, 2/A 33075

MIDJ is an Italian company founded in Cordovado, Italy in 1987. A family-run business that believes in the strength of its territory: the production of high-quality furniture is the result of a process that was born and developed in the northeast of Italy, where unique know-how is rooted. For more than thirty years, passion and attention to detail have been the fundamental elements that inspire the creation of MIDJ products. 

In MIDJ’s collections, what is continuously sought is the transversality of use, creating models that respond to the needs of public and private environments. By creating a collection, MIDJ explores all its possible variations.

Team members:

Founder and Chairman

Paolo Vernier

Born in 1946, he has been designing chairs since an early age, learning how to transform ideas into designs and implement them.

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Chief Marketing Officer & Sales Director

Miriam Vernier

Chief Marketing Officer & Sales Director of MIDJ.

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Area manager East Europe, Far & Middle East

Olga Darashuk

More than 10 years of sales experience in the furniture industry. Proven track record in managing sales regions across Est & North Europe, Middle & Far East.

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