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Navigating The Future of Work: From Generational Shifts to Technological Innovations

The annual meeting of the Workspace Summit Advisory Board took place on Thursday, March 7th, in Dubai Design District, setting the stage for the much-anticipated Workspace Summit, scheduled from June 4-6 at the Dubai World Trade Center. The meeting, hosted by dmg events and globa...




Building 7, Office A304, Dubai Design District, PO Box 33952
United Arab Emirates

Haworth is more than an office furniture manufacturer. From floor to ceiling, and wall to wall, it offers a mix of products that offers endless options for transforming a space as the needs evolve. Over the years, the company has grown and evolved, investing in research, design and acquisitions that expanded their portfolio and network to meet changing market dynamics.

Their strategies are aligned to ensure that customers are provided with the workplace knowledge, innovation, design and global expertise required to enable their success. The company's vision is to provide each customer with tailored spaces that enhance their business, stir their spirit and sustain the planet.

Their vision is to partner with their customers, dealers and relevant influencers in redefining the way interiors are designed, built and maintained over time, resulting in a more efficient real-estate utilization and contributing to a more effective and innovative workforce.

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+971 (0) 56 696 9186
[email protected]

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Managing Director

Brian Kelly

10+ years sales experience in the office furniture industry. Proven track record in managing sales regions across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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