Haworth is more than an office furniture manufacturer. From floor to ceiling, and wall to wall, our mix of products offers you endless options for transforming your space as your needs evolve.

Our Humble Roots

Founded by G.W. Haworth in 1948, we began from humble roots — crafting wood furnishings in a Mid-western town on the shores of Lake Michigan. Today, we have evolved into a global company with focus on Organic Workspace that helps people perform their best.

Virtual Wonderland

The Haworth Virtual Showroom is a limitless celebration of workspace. We are excited to share our industry leading 5,000 sqm space showcasing 645 products in 116 work-settings.

What’s New

Latest News on Haworth:

Kvadrat + Haworth

Kvadrat continues to invest in and promote evermore sustainable methods of working while pushing the aesthetic, artistic, and technological boundaries of textile design. Kvadrat is highly regarded for their high-design, crafted textiles—which perfectly complement Haworth’s product platform.

Introducing the Bowi chair

Bowi is designed in clean simple aesthetic that compliments a range of environments, such as conference, meeting and projects rooms or cafeterias.

Active Components

Open and light in scale, the Active Components product line is a set of inviting accessory and furniture elements that draws people in with a sense of improvisation and energy.

Compose Connections

As the entire nature of work changes, so must your workspace. Compose Connections offers a light-scale, adaptable solution designed for quick reconfigurations in open plans.