13 May , 2018  

Unlike virtually any other manufacturer in the furniture industry, Wilkhahn stands for design made in Germany. Its high quality office and conference furniture are benchmarks for the entire industry.

Consistency and Continuity

Better utility value, timeless design and durability are part of Wilkhahn’s DNA. Wilkhahn’s milestones include design classics and pioneering innovations, which have shaped the way offices have evolved.

Wilkhahn also sets new standards when it comes to environmental responsibility: with its production facilities, design process and material selection Wilkhahn contributes to a meaningful and long-term protection of the environment.

What's New

AT motion powered by Trimension

Following the classically stylish ON® office chair and athletic and dynamic IN, Wilkhahn has added another chair in the shape of AT and its free-to-move capability. Due to its innovative design with a backrest bearer, the unique and adaptive 3D kinematics can be combined with automatic weight adjustment. Users simply sit down, adjust the seating height and their body and chair do the rest.

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