Tables Through All Highs and Lows

We’ve come a long way from the stone tables used by the Ancient Egyptians and the intricately carved ivory ones used in the Renaissance era. They continue to support our lifestyles, whether it is for a cup of coffee, a hearty meal, a productive work day, or to create a timeless work of art. If you’ve never thought about how important tables are, think of a world without them!

Einstein said, “A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit, and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy.” While violins and fruits are a delight, we’re no experts at those. But for chairs and tables, we’d like to think we are. In this article, we’ve curated some sublimely beautiful height-adjustable tables bound to increase productivity at the workplace. Called desks, counters, trestles, workstations or anything else, they’re still the same – functional, powerful, durable and spell-binding.

When workplaces witness well-being.

A simple-to-control, intuitive, height-adjustable work desk that allows you to stand or sit at work without much ado. It aids in building a more health-aware environment through tailored ergonomics. With an integrated rail, it has two control mechanisms – Simple Touch, which allows you to move the desk up or down without taking your eyes off your laptop, and Active Touch, which acts as a friendly reminder to change posture with slight desk movements. The antimicrobial desk can also be paired with the Rise app to set heights and monitor activity. 

Dynamic, fluid, inclusive.

Take it left, right, up or down; this desk moves with you. Designed for both nomadic and residential workers, it can be fully customised with different finishes, surfaces, gables, screens, wire carriers, spine trays, etc, resonating with your design concept. Reflecting a modern aesthetic, this agile benching solution has thoughtfully designed power and cabling options to facilitate maximum productivity. The hiSpace collection also features a unique 120-degree setting that boosts spatial planning and functionality.

Connection-free, productivity-bound.

Apart from many of its remarkable features, the unique thing about this height-adjustable desk is its connection-free, gas-balanced lifting system that has an ergonomic push button. It provides complete and quiet freedom of movement, making it ideal for hot desking or co-working spaces, allowing you to sit or stand while working. It assists individual or collaborative settings as it can be used as a single desk or combined with more. It is lightweight, robust, cost-effective and pleases the eye. Feel free to incorporate accessories like skirts and dividers too!

Now you see me. Now you don’t.

A white-laminated desk that feels like it floats, true to its name! It is a revolutionary sitting-standing desk that makes transitioning between those two modes a breeze with its patented counterbalance mechanism. Using it is as simple as standing up or sitting down with zero obstacles blocking your way! With a minimal aesthetic, Float is a state-of-the-art, net-positive product. Humanscale offers a variety of interesting accessories for it and also lets you customise it.

Sedentary is passé.

Working while standing may have a lot of benefits. Some say it may boost creativity, while others know for sure it takes the pressure off your spine. But then, for long brainstorming sessions, sitting down would be better. How do you get the best of both for conference tables? Travis is a table that encapsulates these benefits wonderfully with the touch of a button. The electrically height-adjustable, rectangular modular table can accommodate up to eight people. It has a plywood tabletop with a straight colour-matched wood or plastic lipping, a steel base and can have a veneered top and bottom. It also comes in different edge profiles.

The perfect formula for a healthy work environment.

Modern workspaces are diverse and call for inclusion. This is why you need a height-adjustable desk that caters to the needs of everyone and allows them to work in a way that aids their productivity. The impressive Chemistry collection by Senator does that for you quite stylishly.  It comes in six variants called ‘Idea Starters’, which make it adaptable, efficient and fun at the same time. You can get a desk for one or create an entire office with Chemistry benching solutions and integrate partitions. The range also uses recycled material and is 99% recyclable. Win-win!

It does what it says and more. 

An electrical sit-and-stand disk that’s minimalistic, contemporary and without frills. Feel the freedom to work in any posture you want, increase productivity and make working uber-comfortable. skrive is crafted by a renowned Italian brand that finds its muse in the Italian sartorial tradition and focuses on creating functional pieces that promote well-being at work. The desk comes in three table-top finishes as well as three finishes for the base, making it effortless to integrate it into your new or pre-existing design theme. 

Minimise distractions, maximise comfort, multiply productivity

Renew Link addresses the common issue of distractions in shared work environments. By strategically angling the work surfaces, it creates a sense of separation between colleagues who are working side by side. This layout promotes a more focused and uninterrupted work experience as individuals feel less crowded and enjoy a greater sense of personal space. Add privacy screen, and there’s an irresistible, intuitive and flexible workspace.

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